In-Home Training for You & Your Dog


Handsome, mannerly, rugged and with a heart of gold. The gentleman of the pack, he goes out of his way to offend no one, human or canine. So soft-hearted that a toddler can sit on him and pull his whiskers, Aston patiently endures without protest. ” Go for a 10-mile cross-country gallop following your horse? Sure, no problem.” Aston adapts to any situation with flawless manners and good grace. He has earned his nickname “Mr. Perfect.”


Don’t let the pink coat fool you; Cece is the Grand Dame of the pack. All-seeing, all-knowing, keeping her eye out for bad behavior. When necessary, Cece will correct any ill-mannered dog, from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. She is completely self-confident and unfazed by anything or anybody. She likes to supervise from the top of the sofa.


Predictable and determined. First on the scene for treats, tummy scratching and meals, her needs are fairly simple. Sweet and companionable, she is able to rest on her laurels as the mother of ‘Dash’ a.k.a. Grand Champion Royalist Ready to Reign. “Really,” says Lola, “I have nothing left to prove.”


Unflappable, calm and assertive, he’s utterly devoted to Brian. Gentle with a playful puppy yet dominant with a misbehaving dog, Morgan tailors his approach to fit the situation. Rescued from a shelter where he was scheduled to be PTS, Morgan has become Brian’s most valuable assistant and his constant companion. 
Reliable, dependable and stable, Morgan shows our clients what they can achieve with their dogs. When people meet Morgan they often say, “I wish my dog were as calm as he is!”


A year-old English Toy Spaniel, daughter of the famous ‘Dash’. Irrepressible, funny, loyal and sweet are just a few of the adjectives that describe this pup. She’ll keep up with the German Shepherds running full steam, and she’ll sleep so quietly on the bed that you don’t even know she’s there. Rosie is a perfect example of a well-adjusted toy dog.


Somehow he always warrants an exclamation point! A delightful 7-year-old Japanese Chin, he came to us from Laura, our professional handler friend. Sammy was the pup who sat on top of her crates at dog shows, content to survey the world from a bolster bed. Sammy is always cheerful—he’s happy just to be near his people. When something great happens (like you walk in the door) he’ll put his head back and howl “Woo-oo-oooo!” in delight. Irresistible!

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