In-Home Training for You & Your Dog

Our Philosophy & Methods

We’re problem solvers and educators, and we believe that nearly every dog behavior problem can be solved. Other trainers use artificial training methods involving clickers, a can of pennies, spray bottles, and tossing objects at/near dogs, but we instruct our clients to understand the true nature of dogs—what makes them tick, what they need from us, and how they communicate. Once you learn the instinctual language of dogs rather than trying to teach them English, you’ll understand them better and be able to resolve their behavioral issues. Additionally, we teach our clients how to achieve a natural and harmonious relationship with their dogs by building the bond of trust and respect. And it all begins with Leadership and Exercise.

Why choose Good Dog Workshop?

  • EXPERIENCE – We’ve helped hundreds of people resolve their dogs’ behavioral issues and achieve better relationships with their dogs. Additionally, our staff members regularly volunteer with dog rescue organizations—that means we’re working with new dogs and new issues all the time.
  • RESULTS – We’ll show you results in your first training session.
  • COMMON SENSE – We’ll teach you how to work WITH your dog’s nature, not against it.
  • PROOF – We bring our own well-balanced dogs to the training sessions so you can see how balanced and calm dogs behave and so your dog can benefit from the power of the pack.
  • DEDICATION – We strive to give our clients the best customer service and satisfaction…even after the last appointment.
  • CONVENIENCE – We come to you! We work with you and your dog in your home where the problems are occurring. And we also take you to real-world training sessions to address other issues like the dog park, walking in town, and off-leash training.
  • REPUTATION — We are recommended by vets and rescue groups throughout Northern Virginia.