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Brian founded Good Dog Workshop with one goal in mind: to help dogs. After years of volunteering with dog rescue groups, seeing so many people struggle with their dogs’ behavioral issues, he realized that people simply didn’t understand their dogs. He felt that after the successes with his own dog and his foster dogs, he believed he could help others. So in 2008, Brian established Good Dog Workshop to teach people how to “Speak Dog”.

Brian has been a student of dogs for many years. His interest in dog behavior combined with his passion to help dogs led him to volunteer with dog rescue groups where he has fostered and found homes for dozens of dogs and continues to evaluate dogs and provide in-home assistance to people who might otherwise have surrendered their dogs.

From his work rehabilitating dogs came his idea for DogMatch™. Brian realized that pairing the right dog with the right owner from the start would eliminate many problems that would otherwise occur and could be easily avoided. With DogMatch™, Brian assesses the needs and desires of a family looking to acquire a new companion and then he searches for the perfect canine match.

Another way he helps dogs in need is by educating the volunteers who work with dogs. He holds seminars for rescue groups to train volunteers and foster parents on the best ways to raise well-balanced, more adoptable dogs.

Brian has owned German Shepherds for 15 years and is always accompanied by Morgan, his 9-year-old rescued GSD. Morgan assists Brian in training sessions and provides an excellent example of achieving the ideal Human-Dog Bond.

Brian has carefully hand-picked each member of his staff to provide every client with the best instruction and best customer service possible—the #1 goal at Good Dog Workshop.


As a young man growing up in Northern Virginia, Carlos witnessed a lot of unnecessary stress and abuse towards dogs ranging from over-feeding to aggressive and violent behavior, sometimes resulting in euthanasia. These unfortunate incidents of neglect and cruelty sparked a very powerful desire in Carlos to effect a change. This led Carlos to want to reach out and help. His love for dogs grew as did his drive to help dogs, even suffering a leg bite when he attempted to help a neighbor turn around her dog. He quickly realized it would take more than just courage to get his message across. He began educating himself in ethology, obedience, leadership and animal psychology. He sharpened his timing and agility with corrections with some difficult dogs.

Carlos credits Cesar Millan and Dr. Temple Grandin for giving him the inspiration to develop a very organic and intuitive way of dealing with dogs.

Learning about dog behavior wasn’t enough for Carlos, however; he also wanted to learn about human behavior. He used his opportunity in college to study social psychology and interpersonal relationships where he learned about the similarities between humans and dogs including fear, avoidance and anxiety. He graduated from the George Mason University with a Degree in Communications with a Film & Video specialization.

Carlos currently manages the Good Dog Workshop company page on Facebook and has created all the company videos including a documentary he wrote, produced and narrated. He hopes to continue to help build the company and will continue to be a die-hard ‘documentarian’ to promote responsible dog ownership.


Josh has always felt a deep connection with and an appreciation of animals, especially how they have helped impact human development throughout history. From early domesticated wolves guarding and removing waste from communities, to service dogs overseas, Josh loved the thought of the mutual respect and bond that formed between two and four legged creatures.

Having lived in both the city and the country, Josh recognized a distinct difference in the lifestyles of each animal. Where he worked and played on the farm, the dogs didn’t have issues; they ate, played, and slept outside, of course having the occasional “Who’s boss” scuffle around the porch wasn’t unexpected. Whereas in the city, he saw that dogs tended to be more anxious and develop serious behavior issues.

In 2005, Josh joined the Marine Corps and served two tours in Iraq. It was a common sight to see the Explosive Ordinance dogs out running their rounds, keeping the troops safe — this added a whole new level of respect for canines. After returning home and to the normal ways of life again, Josh decided he wanted to help dogs — more specifically, to help them help people. After returning to the States and getting a 9-5 job, a chance encounter with Brian gave Josh the opportunity he was looking for to work with dogs.

Josh excels at helping aggressive dogs, off-leash training and obedience training, but also has the often-overlooked patience necessary to help anxious, fearful and insecure dogs. Josh’s affable demeanor and sense of humor help make clients feel comfortable with Josh from the start. And Josh just loves working with dogs, stating, “Once we prescribe the correct balance, I  want the dogs to enjoy me as much as I enjoy them.”

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