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Mike & Diesel
Diesel muzzled
Diesel was originally meant to be Mike’s foster dog, but after only a few hours it was apparent that Diesel had a true aggression issue. Carlos, Mike and I worked with Diesel for about three days combined, and we finally decided that Diesel wasn’t safe around people. Working with aggression is one thing, but Diesel was unpredictably aggressive. He’d be fine with us for hours—obedient, submissive, normal—and then without any provocation or warning he’s snap at one of us. We felt it would not have been responsible of us to allow him to be adopted out like a normal foster dog; we thought we would have to recommend to the Virginia German Shepherd Rescue’s Board of Directors that he wasn’t safe as a pet and we feared the only choice was to have him euthanized. But in the eleventh hour, my good buddy Leah (then president of VGSR) had the answer: she remembered hearing about a trainer who took in dogs with aggression issues and trained them to be guard dogs. After a brief conversation with John, I realized that it was perfect situation for Diesel. He would be alive and his aggressive tendencies would be put to good use by protecting property. We’ve checked in with John over the years and he reports that Diesel and his female GSD counterpart love their job of patrolling a warehouse complex in Maryland.

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