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Lucky the tripod with Annie
Virginia German Shepherd Rescue received a phone call from a ‘backyard breeder’ one day: they wanted to surrender one of their puppies because he needed medical attention (the owners claimed they couldn’t afford it). A volunteer with the rescue scooped up the puppy and immediately took him to the vet. A quick examination revealed that one of the pup’s rear legs was in bad shape—the vet found a rubber band tight around his thigh which had cut off the circulation, essentially killing the tissue. The puppy was otherwise totally healthy and the rescue agreed to pay for surgery to save this little life.

Although the pup’s leg had to be amputated, his sunny disposition was not at all affected. ‘Lucky’ was a happy, inquisitive, upbeat puppy and loved his four-legged companions at Brian’s house. He loved playing with the older dogs and his missing back leg slow him down one bit. Lucky was eventually adopted by another volunteer and had a long, healthy life on a small farm in Arizona. Although this puppy was named Lucky, Brian feels he was the lucky one to have gotten to know that little pup with the indomitable spirit.

Lucky full-grown
Bright-eyed and happy despite it all


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