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Troy was one of Brian’s earlier foster dogs and he proved that a bored dog will get into trouble…even at the expense of his own health.

How Troy initially come to Virginia German Shepherd Rescue is unknown, but he was first adopted out to a single man in Virginia Beach.¬†Everything was fine for a few months but then the owner’s work schedule changed so Troy was left alone inside all day every day. Since Troy was a high drive, high energy dog, the lack of activity frustrated him and he developed a habit of chasing and biting his tail. The owner didn’t know how to deal with that behavior and returned Troy to the rescue. Troy went back to his former foster home where his foster mom tried several things including medication which just made Troy sluggish. Eventually, she realized perhaps someone who worked from home would be able to help Troy with this behavior.

Troy & Deacon

So, the rescue moved Troy to Brian’s house to see if he could find a solution. It turned out to be really simple: Troy just needed something to do. For about two weeks Troy still chased his tail from time to time, but since Brian was with Troy 24/7 he was able to correct as soon as he started to chase his tail and then give him something productive to do. In this case, Troy’s new job became fetching a ball. After that, Troy stopped chasing his tail entirely and always carried a ball with him.

A few months later, Brian found a great family for Troy where he lived a happy life with two children and another German Shepherd.

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