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Meet Morgan

Yes, our own Morgan was originally a foster dog. In June 2008, Virginia German Shepherd Rescue contacted me to evaluate a dog who was returned to a local animal shelter. I then relayed the story to Carlos, thinking it would make a nice addition to his student film, so he joined me at the shelter, camera in hand. Carlos began filming while I evaluated this male German Shepherd and spoke with his handler there at the shelter. The dog (Morgan) had been adopted out once already but after only four days with his adoptive family, they returned him because he was supposedly fighting with their other dog. This alleged fighting meant that he was put at the top of the shelter’s euthanasia list. But he was a really nice dog: friendly, easy-going and secure…I knew he wasn’t a troublemaker. And although I had just adopted out my last foster dog and was looking forward to taking a break from fostering, I couldn’t let this good dog be euthanized. I knew I had to take him right then and there.

Fostering Morgan was a piece of cake! He was happy, friendly, a great follower, and quickly became a wonderful companion for me. The only hard part for me was trying not to impulsively adopt him myself because he reminded me so much of my first German Shepherd who had passed away 8 months earlier. But after three months of careful deliberation making sure I was adopting him for the right reasons, I signed his adoption papers. And for almost four years now, Morgan has been my work assistant and my faithful companion.

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