In-Home Training for You & Your Dog


Applied Dog Behavior and Training

by Dr. Steven Lindsay

The nuts and bolts of dogs, from physiology to psychology. TONS of great information but a very technical read.


Cesar’s Way

by Cesar Millan

A great introduction to understanding dogs and the most effective way of communicating with them. Everyone who wants to understand dogs and improve their dog-handling skills should read this book. We recommend all of Cesar Millan’s books but this is the best place to start.


Pack of Two

by Caroline Knapp

A heart-warming story of the strong bond that develops between a woman and her dog, and how that relationship gave her incredible insight into her own true self. Very enjoyable read filled with the humor and sadness that comes with loving a dog.


The Dog Listener

by Jan Fennell

Ms. Fennell’s knowledge and experience are obvious in this book. She takes a more passive approach to training dogs than does Cesar Millan so her techniques may better suit those who are a less-assertive individuals.