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Choosing the Right Collar

Prong & Nylon Collars
Slip Lead & Collar in one
There are so many choices: buckle collar, slip collar, martingale collar, prong collar, etc…they all serve a purpose. So how do you choose which is the best collar for your dog?

Selecting the right collar is partially determined by what works best for you and for your dog. If you have a dog who is easy to walk and doesn’t pull, a flat nylon or leather buckle collar will do just fine. If your dog pulls on a walk or gets excited and lunges when he sees other dogs, you may have more success with a correction collar such as a martingale or prong collar.

All that being said, a correction collar (as with any tool you may use with a dog) should be considered a temporary aid until you get your own Leadership skills up to par. Once you’re able to demonstrate Leadership to your dog, you’ll succeed no matter what tool you’re using.

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