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Work with dogs! Bring your own dog to work with you!


It's hard work and very rewarding and we love what we do!


We offer a flexible schedule and plenty of room for growth! Come be a part of our team!

send your resumé to:



We are in search of another Dog Behaviorist to join our team!

We teach what we call "natural dog training". We teach our clients how to build a relationship of Trust and Respect with their dogs based on Leadership and Exercise. We don't load our clients down with a bunch of tools or carry treats around with us at all times. We teach our clients to better communicate with their dogs. We give our clients the knowledge and the confidence they need to work with their dog‘s nature, not against it. Essentially, we teach people how to ‘Speak Dog’.


Here's the official, stuffy version...Our mission at Good Dog Workshop is to make a positive difference in the lives of dogs and dog owners, primarily through in-home, one-on-one training sessions, and to educate the public and dog rescue organizations about responsible dog ownership and the natural approach to working with dogs.


Our interview process is different. Don't worry so much about your resume or experience…Speaking and Demonstrating is what we do so we focus heavily on the phone interview and in-person interview which, of course, includes dogs. Show us you know how to read dogs and that dogs respond to you. Show us you can teach people how to get the best from their dogs by BEING the best for their dogs.


You will be responsible for teaching clients how to resolve dog behavior problems by demonstrating appropriate and effective techniques, and communicating with clients before, during and after training sessions.

   •    Calling clients, gathering information, scheduling training sessions
   •    Instructing and demonstrating to clients in their homes as well as in outdoor settings
   •    Developing training and/or rehabilitation programs for dogs
   •    Engaging in exercise, training and games with the dogs
   •    Submitting written reports following each training session

   •    Integrity
   •    Honesty
   •    Reliability
   •    Punctuality
   •    Courteous and friendly
   •    Confidence
   •    Common sense
   •    Passionate to help dogs and people
   •    Motivated
   •    Ability to 'read' dogs and communicate effectively with dogs AND with people
   •    Ability to problem solve dog behavior issues in a VERY short time
   •    Ability to interact with dogs in a calm, level-headed fashion
   •    Ability to think and act 'on your feet'
   •    Ability to leash walk dogs 2 miles
   •    Previous experience with dogs
   •    Good communication skills, both spoken and written
   •    Must have reliable car/truck/van
   •    Must have a reliable cell phone

We LOVE our job. We're passionate about helping dogs and helping people. We're honest and dedicated. Read our website. Read our online views. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, apply now to be a part of Good Dog Workshop!


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