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These are groups we recommend. If you work with one of these groups, please let us know so we can keep our recommendations up-to-date.


The BEST animal shelter! The staff and volunteers of the FSPCA are friendly and hard-working and their commitment to the animals under their care is unparalleled! We have worked closely with them for many years and we very highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a dog, looking for a place to volunteer, or looking to make a financial donation.


Animal Medical Center of the Cascades is Brian's personal choice for veterinary care. Owner-veterinarian Dr. DeAnna Mitchell runs this excellent clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated staff. Dr. Mitchell is #1 in our book!



Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer's first and best book.

A very touching story about a woman who learns about herself through her relationship with her dog. You may learn something about yourself with this read.


A tough, textbook-like read, this book is PACKED with everything there is to know about dogs.


Guided by the same principles of leadership and structure within the pack, Jan Fennell uses a similar but softer approach to Cesar Millan.


A powerful documentary about Buck Brannon, one of the world's top 'horse whisperers'.

Coming soon...

Both light-hearted and accurate, this author gives a no-holds-barred opinion of 65 breeds.

Not for the overly-sensitive.

With over 1,000 photos (and corresponding descriptions), this book is a terrific visual aid to learn the body language of dogs.

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This website provides brief, sound opinions on the pros and cons of 180 different dog breeds. Give this site a look to help you narrow down the breeds that may be right for you.

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