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Here are honest testimonials from our clients.
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I am absolutely thrilled with Brian and his team at Good Dog Workshop! The best part is that I needed some coaching with crate training and he was able to coach me over the phone in 30 minutes. I am so happy that they are just a phone call away. Brian made me feel like all of my questions were legit, and not silly! The rates he provided were extremely reasonable. Thank you all so much for your help with our new family member, Comet!
   —Sarah C, Warrenton VA, Dec 2022, Google review

Today was my first day with Brian and my dog Timber! I am so excited about training to become a dog trainer and he walks you thru every step. How to read your dogs behavior based on your own and ways to work thru each bump. I am so excited about my future with him and his group as is Timber! Thank you Brian for your patience with me! Timber thanks you too!
   —Cristal S, Fairfax VA, Dec 2022, Google review


Highly recommend! We had a great experience. We’re so happy we found these guys. We have two male mastiffs that weren’t getting along. Went to a 3 week board and train which didn’t help. We were ready to re-home one until we talked to Brian. He talked us off a cliff and sent Marina out to help the next day. She was able to do more in two hours than the other guys did in three weeks. Brian and Marina have been super helpful and have provided us with a great deal of follow up and support. You can tell they love what they do and really care about their clients. We finally have some peace in the house and a sense of harmony between the two dogs.
  —Christy M, Warrenton VA, August 2022, Google review

Super kind owner and trainer. This company is the best dog obedience in the area.
  —Lily G, Warrenton VA, August 2022, Google review

Had a FANTASTIC experience working with Marina on some puppy basics for our 6 month lab mix, Frankie. Marina met us at Vint Hill dog park (our first time there) and was a fantastic resource for park etiquette and socialization. After going over some leash training, Marina introduced Frankie to her own puppy, Star, and helped us learn more about natural dog interaction as well as how to establish basic commands. Even After our 2 hour session, Marina has been available by text and phone for follow up questions and solutions. 10/10 recommend Good Dog Workshop for anyone like us who is new to dog owning and wants to lay a good training foundation.
  —Charlotte F, Warrenton VA, August 2022, Google review

Marina from Good Dog Workshop is a phenomenal trainer. She helped us make more progress with our reactive dog in one session than we have made in the past 6 months. It was like having a completely different dog by the end of the session. She gave us the tools to communicate and correct our dogs behavior and explained the how and why as we went. I would highly (and will highly) recommend her to anyone that wants a better relationship with their dog!
  —Kelsey T, Marshall VA, August 2022, Google review

I chose this place because of all the great reviews so I thought I'd add mine, too! We have an 8-week Golden Retriever, Abby, who's the sweetest little thing, but she's a puppy (and we all know what that means)! :)  We also have a 5-year-old Mountain Cur, Molly, that we adopted four years ago when she was a year old. I've had dogs all my life but it's been a long time since I've had a puppy. Marina literally just left after spending almost two hours here with us. My goals were mostly just learning the basics: potty and crate training (which I'd already been working on), plus just teaching Abby some basic manners/commands. I also wanted help with Molly being "food dominant" (she's very defensive of her food). I learned SO MUCH!! Seriously, it was worth every penny. I'd been sort of afraid that I wouldn't learn that much and/or be able to be consistent with everything I DID learn. But I feel like I have a good grasp for how to be the leader of my pack after just under two hours! I'm sure it will take a little time but some of the changes will be noticeable immediately (even if it's just a difference of feeling like I'M in control and consistently doing what works). I'll probably have Marina come out at least one more time once I've put what I've learned into practice. That might not even be necessary, we'll see if I need the extra help or not. All I can say is that I'm thrilled and highly recommend their training!
  —Kristy B, Reva VA, August 2022, Google review

I highly recommend using this company… asap. I had resource guarding and dominance issues with my dogs. They were fighting each other and it was really scaring me because I didn’t understand why! So I called Good Dog Workshop and Marina was sent to me as my trainer! The people who work for this company really know their stuff. And I was able to fix ALL of my issues with ONE training session! Call them if you need help now! Or call them if you have a puppy and you don’t know how to train :)! Marina was the absolute best to work with. She’s so intelligent and was so kind. I will definitely use them again in the future if I ever need to! I’m so glad I contacted them. They saved our dogs relationship and restored harmony in my household.
  —Sarah H, Culpeper VA, July 2022, Google review

Marina with Good Dog Workshop is absolutely wonderful! Her calm confidence coming into our home and helping us work with our new rescue pup was truly inspiring! She watched how Bella reacted and made customized recommendations for working with her. Not all dogs are the same and they respond differently to stimuli and correction….Marina understands that so i felt she really took the time to figure out Bella. Using techniques she taught us, i took Bella on her first pack walk and she had a great time! Highly recommend Good Dog Workshop!!!
  —Catherine M, Toano VA, July 2022, Google review

I have had dogs for years. My 2 present day rescues were challenging for me and even after 5 years we had issues with following commands, inter-dog disagreements, and generally disruptive behavior. In 2.5 hours, Marina educated and taught me how to communicate with them. We talked through the issues, she demonstrated and explained and then had me perform the tasks. Amazingly, it continues to work! Everyone is happier, the house is quieter and calmer. Our walks are completely enjoyable. She has been there to answer follow up questions, and for general support. Can't say enough good things. Its literally been a life changing experience!
  —Deborah A, Front Royal VA, June 2022, Google review

Brian knew exactly how to handle our 18-month GSD, within minutes he had her respecting him and for the first time getting close to another dog without being in a defensive mode! Great teacher and gave us useful tools!
  —Chas N, Locust Grove VA, June 2022, Google review

So great! 5 stars isn’t enough. Marina really cared and wanted what was best for my pup. She got straight to work and trained both me and Luna (my pup) really. Taught me how best to help her out by tweaking and fixing the way in which I speak, act, and am with Luna. She knows and helps me understand what Luna is feeling and how I can help her. I’m beyond happy with this first meeting.
  —Rebecca D, Alexandria VA, June 2022, review

Marina came to work with me and my dog, Jenny, several months ago. I've been meaning to let you know how much I learned and appreciated from that session. Before the training, I thought that Jenny might just have a mean streak which I was destined to suffer with. During the training session, I learned that Jenny was only trying to protect me, and she really didn't enjoy being the boss. I have been working with her on that and also on other ways to show her that I'm the leader and that she doesn't need to assume that role. Marina is amazing, which I'm sure you are already aware of. At some point, I plan to schedule another session to reinforce what I've learned. Thanks so much!
  —Kathleen S, Gainesville VA, May 2022, email

The service that Good Dog Workshop provided far exceeded my expectations! I would give them 10 stars if possible!! Marina was fabulous!!! She welcomed my children to be part of the puppy training and fully included them in the whole process. We all learned so much we didn’t know. I had been through obedience training with a precious dog and didn’t learn in 6 weeks what I learned in 1.5 hours with Good Dog Workshop! Marina truly taught us how to communicate with our puppy and have him understand us, as well as teaching us how to understand him! I highly recommend their services!!!
  —Shannon M, Amissville VA, May 2022, Google review

Marina was great!! Before training my dog was very reactive on leash to other dogs, after our first session Marina got my dog walking not pulling on leash and up to her dogs as well! She helped me understand my dog better and our relationship! Thank you so much for all your help!
  —Autumn S, Manassas VA, May 2022, Google review

Thank you, Marina! You really know your doggo stuff!! After only ONE session, we already see a change in our puppy’s behavior. You enlightened us and gave us invaluable tools to apply immediately to our situation. We thank you for helping us create a balanced and peaceful environment for our family :) Two paws up!
  —Alyssa C, Sterling VA, May 2022, Google review

I cannot say enough good things about Good Dog Workshop and Brian! Brian came out on May 9th to help me with my extremely fearful foster dog that I have had since January. Before meeting Brian, we had tried everything that had successfully worked in the past with other fearful dogs. Nothing was working to see significant changes. Enter Brian with GDW—in just 3 days of following his advice I have seen more progress with my foster than I had in the past 4 months. He is now seeking attention on our walks. He let our neighbor's daughter pet him without running away. Tonight on our walk he found a ball and actually played with it for a bit while there were humans around! All of these things he wouldn't do before our session with GDW and Brian. If you are looking for a training company for your pup, you can't go wrong with GDW!
  —Elizabeth S, Warrenton VA, May 2022, Google review

If you are wondering if you should hire them, HIRE THEM HIRE THEM HIRE THEM! MARINA was our trainer and she changed our lives! She is the sweetest and most reliable trainer but she is firm and does not give up and she was just the match for our bored, hyper Weimaraner. She reads dogs like the back of her hand. What she has done for us she is honestly apart of the family! She was so incredibly patient for our nervous and sound sensitive bloodhound. Her experience and training is unmatched. Don’t even look at the other trainers/or classes in your area because they do not compare. Trust me I know, because I have been to those other trainers. I cannot even say enough good things about her and Brian who spent an hour on the phone with me taking notes about our situation. We went from looking like a LITERAL train wreck on a walk to people complimenting our dogs at their behavior. And all I tell them is go to good dog workshop. Appreciation cannot expressed enough, thank you guys so much!
  —Bobbi S, Warrenton VA, May 2022, Google review

Brian and Marina were guest speakers along with three of their dogs, for a high school class I teach. HOW AWESOME! I wish they could have stayed all day. The students and I were constantly engaged and enthralled with their methods! Can't wait to have them back for another class!!
  —Tanja R, Nokesville VA, April 2022, Google review


Our family needed help with our good boy Gus. He was aggressive to most dogs. It limited us because we had so much fear and uncertainty built up from it. We avoided walks at certain times, avoided certain places, neighbors avoided us or our house because of his growling/lunging/barking when they are walking their dogs and he has ruined parts of the house from other dogs passing by. With as loving Gus is to us and people that come in our home, we knew there was something we were missing. I was recommended to try Good Dog Workshop and am so glad we did! Brian reached out to me right away. He was very focused on our needs and confident he could help us. He went over and beyond to help us as soon as possible. We meet with Marina the very next day and within an hour she was able to asses and teach us exactly how to understand Gus and to properly communicate with him. She also assisted us in bringing home our new puppy and got us off to a great start training her! I can not tell you how much this has changed our lives! We have confidence and peace of mind with both our pups. She is absolutely our Dog Whisperer and I highly recommend this company!
  —Kirsten W, Bristow VA, April 2022, Google review


I just had a two hour session today with Good Dog Workshop (Brian and Marina)with our 3 boxers. We recently added a third dog Ginger who was very aggressive to our 7 year old boxer but not to Bogey who is Her son. She very quickly started to full attack on Duke. and it became extremely challenging to manage her every move not knowing her unpredictable behavior.
Within this short amount of training with Brian. it’s all about knowing your dogs and how to read them and leading the pack as they have shown me today. It’s not an easy fix but what a difference this two hours have made. I have regained my confidence and have stabilized internally. Things will take time energy and reinforcement. I can’t tell you how great it was and what a difference it has made. there’s constant work you will have to do. He teaches you to be calm and assertive and be the pack leader. His energy is quietly loud I’d like to put it. It’s very at ease but respectful. My three dogs listened to him immediately! What a difference it has made In two hours and I know there’s constant work you will have to do to reinforce the changes. He teaches you to be calm and assertive and be the pack leader. His energy is quietly loud I’d like to put it. It’s very at ease but respectful. My three dogs listened to him as if he was the owner. I highly recommend him and I’m all about Energy on how we interact with our dogs and people.
  —Cindy Z, Warrenton VA, April 2022, Google review

OMGoodness! GDW is simply AMAZING! My life is forever changed after my session with Brian on Wednesday (3/30/22). Me & my 2 dogs are a whole new pack! We are balanced and working towards harmony and pack nirvana. I was skeptical that one session (it was 2.5 hrs...) could make that big of a difference. Boy! Was I wrong. I can't believe how simple it was... really... if you are a pack leader that is ready to step-up and lead your pack with confidence and calm authority, then Brian and the GDW crew have the skills to teach you how to do this. I have an entirely new relationship with Mac & Milo. We (me & the dog boys) are saying so many things to each other now that I'm learning to speak DOG :) Good Dog Workshop is, IMO, the best approach to dog training... or rather, PEOPLE training! It is the natural, logical dog training method. The dogs know how to be dogs; it's people who need to learn how to lead a pack and not act like a human to the doggies. Call or write Brian now and change your doggie relationship for the better!! You will not be sorry.
  —Laura R, Arlington VA, March 2022, Google review

Good Dog Workshop is amazing!! Marina is so helpful, patient, and worked with me on training my dog Bentley. I learned SO much in one session and had such a wonderful experience and a very informative session. Would highly recommend!!!
  —Alisha G, McLean VA, March 2022, Google review

Five stars. Exceptionally seasoned dog behaviorists and trainers that customize the session around the dog owner. Incredible with kids, first time dog owners as well as people who had dogs as kids or many years ago and need a tube up. Sure they teach your puppy and dog all the tricks as well as help out with other issues like anxiety and fear in dogs. But, what really makes Brian’s approach unique is he helps everyone develop a relationship with the puppy/ dog by pointing out how important our energy is. Brian meets people where they are and helps everyone understand how they can develop a great relationship with a puppy and make him/ her feel at home. I really loved his naturalist approach because ultimately, you really want your dog to trust you. You want him/her to listen to you because the strongest desire is to please you. This is a process but it’s definitely worth doing. I’m convinced this is the very best way to build a great relationship with your puppy . Marina works with Brian and she is incredibly effective as well. She brings her dogs to assess your dog/puppy. All of her dogs are great helpers. Our experience was her digs were friendly smart and gentle. My puppy felt like she was in Disneyland when Brian and Marina came over. Beyond an effective training/learning session, it’s also a lot of fun. Brian and Marina are down to earth professionals who leave you feeling confident and empowered. Marina is especially incredible with children. You can also call Brian anytime about anything. That’s incredibly important. The good dog workshop exceeded my expectations. We look forward to a long-term relationship with this company. Hire them!
  —Jim S, Chevy Chase MD, March 2022, Google review

I really wish I could give Brian, Marina & their assistants more than five stars! We highly recommend them!! We contacted Good Dog Workshop after adopting our rescue pup, Ollie. I knew right away that GDW was going to be a great fit. When I called, Brian was welcoming and patient. He answered all my questions and provided me with some helpful resources to review. He was able to schedule us an appointment for that same week, which was an unexpected surprise as well! Marina's session with us was nothing short of a miracle! Within a few minutes, she addressed the behaviors we were seeking to address and through our 2-hour session, she gave us the necessary tools to continue working with Ollie. In addition to the sessions, the follow-up consultation calls are incredibly helpful for refining our skills and making sure we are giving Ollie what he needs to maintain a calm and respectful demeanor. If you're seeking assistance with your dog, I think it's important to note that you have to be willing to put in the work, otherwise you won't see long-term results with your pup (I think this is the case with whomever you work with). Also, I found it incredibly helpful listening to the Good Dog Workshop podcast on Spotify before our session. It really helped me better understand their approach before the session, so I recommend it. I cannot say enough great things about GDW! Your dog will thank you!
  —Kimberly L, Bristow VA, March 2022, Google review


Very helpful in bringing our new dog home! I'm so glad we had Brian to walk us through setting up a behavior plan and routine for our dog in order to best join our family. Thank you!
  —Kimberly C, Warrenton VA, March 2022, Google review

A family- (human and pet) focused company. They build off all our strengths to use in areas of need. I definitely recommend!
  —Kathy S, Culpeper VA, March 2022, Google review


     My family and I rescued a 5-month-old miniature Australian Shepard at the end of 2021. We were only told that his first few months of life were spent in a dark barn, without much interaction with people or other dogs. After we brought him home, he quickly warmed up to my family of 4. As amazing as he was with the 4 of us, we quickly found out that interacting with other people/dogs was extremely difficult. He would bark, growly, and nip at any strangers. Knowing he was a great dog, I reached out to Brian at Good Dog Workshop for some help. We wanted the rest of the world to see how great this little pup was and provide him with great experiences with others.
    First of all, Brian is extremely knowledgeable. He explains things in very easy-to-understand terms. There was no question too big or small. I had watched countless videos and read plenty of information online, but it was clear from the very beginning that he was the one that could help. Once he had a good idea of what we were dealing with, he said GoodDogWorkshop could help.
    A few days later, Marina, from Good Dog Workshop, came out to the house with her two training dogs. Before her arrival, I had asked her if there was anything special I should do with our pup before she came, (leash him, hold him back when she came in, etc.) She said something that will never forget - "just let him react as he would normally do. I want to see the worst of things so we can understand the problem and learn to work with it." I wasn't expecting that answer, but very much respected it.
    From the moment she rang the doorbell and came in, our pup was barking and growling. She came in and let him react to her presence in the house. Through a few corrections, she had him quiet. "He doesn't have to love me and be my best friend," she said, "but he needs to respect the rules of not barking to be with us." I loved it.
    We ended up going for a walk to see how he would react with her outdoors, as well as introducing him to one of her training dogs. As Brian had said over the phone, "I'm confident one of our trainers or dog will be able to get through to your pup." He was correct!
    After two hours with Marina, I had acquired a handful of new tools that I would use to work with our new puppy. Nothing comes easy, but with some hard work and patience, progress can be made. I was confident that I could work with our dog and within 48 hours of meeting Marina, we had made incredible progress! I invited a neighbor over to the house, had him come inside, and even sat to chat. Our dog respected the 'rules' and ended up laying down by our side, quiet and calm. Without Marina & Brian's help, we would still be avoiding company at the house or removing our dog from the situation (which gets exhausting!)
    I am looking forward to our future with this great dog and I know that if there ever is a time when we simply cannot get through to correct his behavior, there are some great people at Good Dog Workshop who can! Thank you, Marina & Brian!
  —Mathew W, Sterling VA, February 2022, Google review

I spoke with Brian and Marina on the phone regarding puppy training. They were both very helpful, and kind. I would definitely reach out to Good Dog Workshop in the future with additional questions/training needs.
  —Kimberly P, Bealeton VA, February 2022, Google review

My wife and I were very pleased with the results from good dog workshop. Our dogs were out of control until they taught how to speak dog. Now our dogs are model citizens. They also have a great podcast which I highly recommend called good dog workshop. Thanks Brian and Marina
  —Patrick S, Manassas VA, February 2022, Google review

I recently started training with Good Dog Workshop. Marina has been amazing with my 1.5 yr old GSD. She was informative and really understood my dog and his behaviors. She also did an excellent job explaining when and how to correct his behaviors, and I am excited to continue to work with both her and Brian to train me and my dog. :)
  —Cameryn F, Bristow VA, February 2022, Google review

Hi Brian, Just a quick check in—Marina was fantastic yesterday—she taught us a lot in a pretty short time! Moose was very receptive and we are going to continue working with him. We were also able to work with our older corgi, Scout. Let me tell you, I’ve never been able to get her to ignore an edible item on the floor, but Marina had her doing it in a few minutes. I think we have our work cut out for us establishing new habits, but we are very happy with what we learned. Thanks! Becky
  —Becky C, Broad Run VA, February 2022, email

Brian did an excellent job matching me and my retired racer up with Marina. She was a perfect fit for us and has helped me immensely in creating a happier and more secure environment for my dog. Her training method is straightforward and effective; there was no need for overly-complicated training exercises or special tools. I am still amazed by how quickly we fell into better habits and behaviors, and therefore a better relationship. My dog was very serious and somewhat-aloof when I first adopted her; now she is a huge goofball who loves to snuggle and be best friends with anyone who comes in to the house. I have met with Marina twice, and plan on working with her again in the future. I highly recommend Good Dog Workshop-they know what they're doing!
    —Emma T, Ashburn VA, January 2022, Yelp review


It was amazing experience for me and my dog, he still needs work, but now I know what to do.
  —Greg L, Fairfax VA, January 2022,

The trainer was extremely competent and professional. She provided a variety of useful suggestions for the training of our Australian Cattle Dog. She emphasized the importance of consistency in our training methodology.
  —William J, Warrenton VA, January 2022,

I am so pleased with my experience with this company. I had ONE phone consultation with Marina and after the first time implementing her tips, my dogs were on board. Before this consult they were dragging me relentlessly on our walks. Highly recommend their services!
  —Abigail B, Warrenton VA, December 2021, Google review

A two-hour one-on-one session with Brian completely changed my relationship with my puppy. His expert advice and hands-on demonstrations ensured that I could repeat what I learned after the session. He had a solution for every problem we addressed, he taught us techniques that worked immediately, he recommended new collars to make our walks easier, and he worked with every member of the family to ensure we were all on the same page. My only regret is not finding Brian sooner. My vet highly recommends Brian and his team because they go into your home, assess your situation and the dog, and then provide dog-specific solutions. Skip the group training classes and other dog trainers who won’t get to the root of your dog’s issues…Brian can fix your dog’s most challenging behaviors and train you to work with your dog’s nature in one or two hours!
  —Lisa M, Reston VA, December 2021, Google review

Marina was wonderful, and really showed us how to help our YorkiePoo! I definitely recommend Good Dog Workshop!
  —Larissa G, Bealeton VA, November 2021,

Brian is adept at interpreting humans and dogs and especially how they interact together. In just a couple hours he revolutionized how we interact with our dog and now we have had tons of success getting her to do things that were not impossible the prior 7 months. He listens and is patient as we describe our needs and struggles. He offers practical solutions that you can do without having to buy a lot of equipment or requiring treats on hand 25/7. We highly recommend Brian and will be calling on him periodically but n the future.
  —Jennifer F, Washington DC, November 2021, Google review

Marina was fantastic with my aggressive dog. She took over immediately and taught me as much as my dog! She was patient, professional, and most importantly, effective! I highly recommend her and Good Dog Workshop. Brian was instrumental in getting the process started as well. Overall great team!
  —Paul M, Centreville VA, October 2021,

Marina came to our house and trained both our puppy Jake and us! She was amazing and explained everything she was doing- making sure we understood how to reinforce her training once she was gone. Highly recommend!!
  —Leslie T, Great Falls VA, September 2021, Google review

My dog is like a different dog! Only 2 hours with them and I learned so much. I 100% recommend them!!!!
  —Shannon M, August VA, August 2021, Google review

Good Dog Workshop was a great investment. Brian came to us on a weekend and worked with our whole family on how to understand and communicate with our new dog. His session with us was informative, thorough and effective. He also welcomed follow up questions as needed by phone or email. Highly recommend!
  —Prudence S, Warrenton VA, August 2021, Google review

Very knowledgeable and affordable service!!
  —Reena S, Bristow VA, August 2021,

I would highly recommend Marina from Good Dog Workshop. My puppy, Pickle, has been the perfect puppy – social, potty trained, not aggressive, loves everyone and everything – so I wasn’t sure if I even needed a training session with a professional. After speaking with Marina on the phone, we discussed doing one session and go from there. Wow, I am so happy I did it! In just the three hours we spent together I learned a tremendous amount of information about his behavior, little stubbornness at times and so much more. The tips she provided have all worked so well. I’m already planning to schedule another session when he turns 6 months to work on heeling and further improve his leash walking. We can’t wait to see Marina again!
  —Maureen O, The Plains VA, July 2021, Google review

I have a 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog and was struggling with her general lack of socialization, pulling and barking while walking her as well as barking in general while inside the house and in the backyard. She gets extremely excited when she sees people and other dogs and with her size and weight, she is extremely hard to control. I made an appointment with Good Dog Workshop and Marina came out to work with me and my Berner. She was here for a little over an hour and the immediate change in my dog was amazing to me. She corrected the type of collar I was using and the way I should work with my dog from voice, commands, body language, praise, etc. It was truly shocking the difference within the first 15 minutes of her arrival. The entire atmosphere in the house due to her demeanor with the dog changed. I would highly recommend using them and will myself use them again if I need additional assistance as I move forward in trying to make my pup a good citizen.
  —Michelle B, Warrenton VA, July 2021, Google review


Very responsive and very knowledgeable. They were able to come over the next day and taught us how to manage our dog's behavior. We haven't had any issues since. I highly recommend them!
  —Rachel E, Bristow VA, July 2021, Google review

We've had problems with our dog Ginger not getting along with other dogs. Marina came to our house and showed us methods to help. She brought 2 of her dogs with her and showed us how to introduce Ginger to them. She also gave us pointers on how to control both our dogs after the dreaded doorbell ring. I am very pleased!  Marina has offered to come back to help when we have my son's dog for a week.
  —Jody B, Warrenton VA, July 2021, Yelp review


I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Good Dog Workshop! I adopted a rescue dog who came from difficult circumstances. As a first time dog owner, I quickly realized I was in way over my head. I was hesitant to spend money on a trainer so I tried to self-educate and go it alone. After realizing I needed extra support, I went to see a couple different trainers in my area, but nothing really clicked until I was referred to Marina by a friend. I can’t emphasize enough what a game-changer Good Dog Workshop was for me and my dog. Working with Marina gave me the confidence and skills I needed to tackle what seemed like an impossible task. If you’re on the fence about getting a trainer, let me tell you - it is absolutely 100% worth it. Training with Marina has been an investment in both me and my dog’s quality of life that has totally paid off. Thanks for everything!
  —Maureen O, Reston VA, May 2021, Google review

I couldn't recommend Good Dog Workshop and Marina more! Not only is Marina a dog whisperer, but she's also an incredibly effective people communicator and listener. I came to our first session a little nervous that Marina would tell me I was doing lots of things wrong and that I should follow my partner's lead in managing our dog, Maggie. That was not the case at all! Marina made both me, my partner, and Maggie feel so seen and heard. She never judged or criticized but showed us how to communicate with Maggie in ways that make doggie-sense. I'm so thankful to know I have Maggie and Good Dog on our dog journey, especially knowing we'll be adding another pup to our family late this fall. Thank you, Marina, for being an absolute gem!
  —Megan D, Washington DC, May 2021, Google review

Marina is incredible. She brings her own dogs. So in addition to human to human training, you get some great good dog to dog in training osmosis. Super knowledgeable, patient and adept. We walked away with a training philosophy and the tools to implement it. With some post session questions, Marina was generous with her time and effective in understanding and diagnosing over the phone. We did a 3 hour session which is not cheap. But given what we got and the resource we now have in Marina, we feel like we’ve gotten a steal. Thanks so much good dog! Maggie (our dog) is in such a better place thanks to you.
  —Xavier R, Washington DC, May 2021, Google review

  —Carson H, Farmington NM, May 2021, Google review

Two hours equals a lot of learning. We have a clear path as what we need to work on to have a obedient dog.
  —Charlie W, Leesburg VA, May 2021, Facebook review

I worked with Marina today and can’t thank you guys enough!! She enabled me to have the confidence to walk my dog and know that I can handle her. She gave me the confidence that I needed to be able to help put my dog at ease and she explained the reasoning behind why and when to use the techniques. i would 10:10 recommend Good Dog Workshop!
  —Paige M, Fairfax VA, April 2021, Facebook review

I can't say enough about Marina's training and professionalism. She really corrected the issues with our dog specially being around other dogs. She is truly gifted and trained us well. Thank you.
  —Elizabeth W, Haymarket VA, April 2021, Yelp review

Brian was amazing. He gave us very helpful guidance for our newly acquired  puppy from the SPCA. His guidance has been instrumental in a smooth transition to our home!
  —Sue B, Warrenton VA, April 2021, Yelp review

Marina was amazing! She came to address my pack of 3 and their individual issues. She not only gave me the confidence to be the pack leader but she gave me tools to use to see instant results! I greatly appreciate her time, knowledge and kindness! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait to have you back Marina to see our amazing progress!
  —Jenn P, Amissville VA, April 2021, Google review

Our dog was a homeless street dog, rescued in Puerto Rico. Brian came to our home on a weekend to help get us on the right track. He was fantastic. He taught me, my wife, and our two boys how to “speak” dog. He even brought his own dogs, three of them, to help work on making introductions with other animals. It is without reservation that I recommend him for all your training needs. Thank you Brian!!
  —Graham S, Warrenton VA, April 2021, Google review

Marina from Good Dog Workshop came out and helped me address my main concerns with my new puppy and I saw instant results. I really didn't know what to do but seeing how some very moderate interventions can help I'm just pleased as punch.
  —Amber F, Stafford VA, April 2021, Google review

Brian's approach of one or two intensive training sessions appealed to me. He was able to work with my Yorkie in a short period of time to curtail aggressive behavior. Brian makes himself available by phone or email as I continue to work on the techniques he implemented. My dog is more relaxed and secure now.
  —Jane S, Warrenton VA , April 2021, Facebook review

We absolutely love Marina and her able four-legged assistants Sailor, Icy and Sasha! Marina is very professional and personable! Great with dogs and humans alike. We learned a lot from her guidance. It has immensely improved our equation with our fur babies!
Highly recommend her for dog behavior analysis and training. Thank you Marina! You are the best!
  —Prashanti M, Ashburn VA, March 2021, Google review

I highly recommend Good Dog Workshop. I worked with Marina and within one training session, I already felt much more confident with my pup (the first one I've had so I was definitely nervous). I honestly didn't feel the need to even have a second session, but asked for one just for the extra confidence and it was so helpful. My pup immediately listened to Marina as soon as she walked in the door both times. Overnight she was much more obedient. They're reasonably priced, so friendly and knowledgeable, and you can tell they really care about your relationship with your dog as they also offer a lot of free resources (e.g., videos, podcast, articles). Not only is it convenient that they come to you, but they also bring their dogs in case you're looking for the socialization aspect of training.
  —Rachel Y, Vienna VA , March 2021, Google review

From the moment Marina walked in the door I knew I made the right choice. She quickly assessed my dog's behaviour and was able to explain all his body language to me. After 2 sessions I feel like I have a different dog. She gave me the confidence and understanding to continue the training. I can now introduce my dog to people and other dog buddies without fear of how he will react. Marina knows what she is doing and has a natural gift with dogs.  She is worth her weight in gold and would recommend her a 100 times over.
  —Katie M, Manassas VA , March 2021, Yelp review

Marina is a fantastic trainer. I aspire to be able to interact with dogs the way she does because magic happens as soon as she walks into the chaotic environment that is my home. She’s patient and understanding if you have fears about socializing your dog with the dogs of strangers. I absolutely recommend her and will continue to schedule “refreshers” with her to keep my dogs under my control!
  —Julie R, Warrenton VA , March 2021, Facebook review

Thanks to Good Dog Workshop and Brian, we now have the tools to train our new rescue pup properly. Brian was absolutely awesome to work with and was so knowledgeable. We already see improvement in our dog after just one session. 100% recommend Good Dog Workshop and Brian... worth EVERY penny. Look no further than Good Dog Workshop!
  —Ashley M, Haymarket VA, March 2021, Google review

Brian is AMAZING and runs a great operation. He offers no-nonsense, practical training at a very reasonable price. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and models how to lead your dog in a clear and human fashion. We were concerned about our 1.5 year-old Plott Hound's aggression at the dog park, and within 2 hours, pretty much everything had been resolved. We walked away with a plan for how to reinforce our pup's new habits, and we're so grateful for the ongoing support we get via text and phone. He is very easy to get a hold of, and very flexible in terms of scheduling.
  —Kip D, Washington DC, February 2021, review

I strongly recommend Brian. I am very happy to have found him! He is an expert in his field and taught us how to speak dog. I will forever be thankful for all of his help!
  —Cassandra D, Washington DC, February 2021, review

Good dog workshop helped me out a lot. Gave me great tips over the phone with issues I've been having with my pup, even though I didn't live in the area. Very friendly and call tell they have a passion for dogs.
  —Derek D, Falls Church VA, January 2021, Yelp review

I had a great experience with Marina. My bulldog is aggressive on the leash to other dogs when walking. She gave me tools to use to correct both my behavior and my dogs and I literally saw an improvement within the hour that she was here. I am very excited to continue using the training techniques she taught me so that I can have leisurely walks with my dog.
I highly recommend them.
  —LaWenda C, Sterling VA, January 2021, review

Our one and half hour session with Marina was super helpful! Our 8 1/2 month old pup was very responsive to her techniques and we are excited to continue working with our pup. Marina came in confident, very knowledgeable and spoke with us in a very positive way so we did not feel like our established habits were not working. We highly recommend this company and the training they provide.
  —Kelly G, Ashburn VA, January 2021, Google review

Brian was awesome! I had a phone consult with him today and he was down to earth, he has helped me understand my situation. I have 4 dogs and am having trouble being their leader. Brian gave me all the tools I need to make this work. I'm glad I found a trainer willing to give me his time and attention even with him being across the country. Thanks again Brain!
  —Xio E, San Diego CA, December 2020, Yelp review

Marina was amazing working with our Nellie. She helped us tremendously on how to speak to our pup so she understands. Also we feel safe with the pup around our granddaughter thanks to the skills we all learned together. Nellie and my granddaughter play together now safely and calmly. I can’t express enough how responsive our puppy is to the training we learned. She seems happy with it too. Thank you and I highly recommend hiring this company for training. A+++++++++++++
  —Michelle A, Front Royal VA, December 2020, Google review

Brian is a class act and very generous with his time and expertise.
  —Scott H, Washington DC, December 2020, Google review

I was really impressed with Brian, he gave great insight and was extremely helpful and also spent a tremendous amount of time with me on the phone regarding a need in the future. He was highly recommended to me and I found him to be extremely caring, forthright, professional, knowledgeable and insightful. Thankful to have connected!
  —Kim N, Reston VA, December 2020, Google review

Brian came to our house for around 2.5 hours, and the difference with our dog was night and day. He really helped us understand clearer communication with our dog and gave us great techniques to work on once he had left. Our dog was very high energy when seeing other dogs, but after using a new collar and the techniques he demonstrated, she was perfectly calm and respectful. She even kept her composure when a very excited dog walked past, something that used to set her off before. We greatly appreciate his help and expertise, and we would recommend him to anyone looking to calm their high energy dog.
  —Andrew F, Warrenton VA, December 2020, Google review

We had a great training session with Brian with our German Shepherd! Not only did our dog learn obedience, but we also learned a lot about our dog's psyche.  Good Dog Workshop is a great resource for any "problem" areas your dog may be experiencing.
  —Laura B, Springfield VA, December 2020, Google review

We had an amazing training experience with Good Dog Workshop when we hired them for help with our recent rescue. We contacted several other local trainers and what really made GDW stick out above the rest was that it was immediately evident that they had vast knowledge of dogs' behaviors and a wealth of experience on how to naturally correct them. They really seemed to understand the issues that we were having and what we were trying to accomplish. We had the pleasure of working with trainer Marina on multiple occasions. She was polite, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. She gave us tips and direction on how to correct some of our dog's behaviors and the results were almost immediate. The methods she showed us were simple yet effective and we were able to easily continue the training with our dog after and in between the sessions. She gave us the confidence and know how to make our nervous dog feel safer. We highly recommend Good Dog Work Shop to anyone in need of quality Dog Training at a reasonable price.
  —Robert M, Catlett VA, December 2020, Google review

Brian was so personable and right from getting out of the vehicle had our dog listening calmly (and teaching us to do the same). He taught both my daughter and myself how to work with our ~1 year old rescue on walking, listening at intersections, greeting new dogs  and visiting the dog park. We left much more confident in our ability to safely take Lassie out in the neighborhood and enjoy both new people and animal friends. Brian was excellent! My 16 year old and I were both impressed with how quickly he had us improving our handling of our rescue. Would highly recommend!
  —Kara N, Alexandria VA, December 2020, Yelp review

Brian gave clear, concise directions to me while demonstrating them with my dog who obeyed him immediately. I have followed his instructions today (the day after), and my dog is behaving 100% better already! I highly recommend Brian as a trainer!
  —Wendy B, McLean VA, November 2020, Bark review

Brian and Marina know what they're doing. I was pleased that their philosophies about dog training and mine were aligned. They provide really good support after the lesson, at no additional charge.
  —Amy B, Middleburg VA, November 2020, Bark review


They are amazing! Cannot thank them enough for their valuable guidance and support. My little puppy Bichon Frise now behaves like a princess inside and outside our apartment and we made it in record time. And they are so kind, compassionate, and professional. It was a real pleasure to partner with them.

    —Cristina B, Washington DC, November 2020, Facebook review


I was having such a difficult time getting my new puppy Leo to enjoy his crate. Brian helped me rearrange Leo’s space and he went and fell asleep in his crate instantly. I also had Brian teach me how to help Leo with recall and commands. Such an eye opening experience, we both learned so much!

    —Adrienne M, Arlington VA, November 2020, Angie’s List review


We were looking for some basic training for our new rescue dog, Chili. He's an unknown mix with a lot of puppy energy, although they say he's 2 YO. As new dog owners, my family (especially my teenaged son) needed some guidance on being good dog owners. Brian was EXACTLY what we needed. He spent about 2 hours with us, taught us all how to project the kind of dominant energy Chili will respond to and advised us on how best to build a healthy relationship with Chili through exercise and play. He even helped us introduce Chili to our beloved grumpy old cat with no hissing or barking! We are all feeling so much more confident about harmony in our family going forward! Best time and money I've spent in ages...thank you!!

    —Erin D, Manassas VA, November 2020, Yelp review


Good dog workshop helped me with my puppy training. Everyone I worked with in their team has been extremely helpful, honest and professional. I saw improvements with my dog’s behavior within days based on how he introductions and recommendations they gave me. I definitely recommend using them.

This customer rated you highly for professionalism, responsiveness, and value.

    —Russul A, Arlington VA, November 2020, Thumbtack review


He was so helpful and provided me with so much information that helped me and my dog. He helped me bond with my dog better and be able to control his aggression and better socialize with other dogs.

    —Corliss J, Chantilly VA, November 2020, Angie’s List review


Marina from Good Dog Workshop helped our dog Jake Superior so much! She is very knowledgeable and knows what she's doing. After a 90 minute training session with her and continued work with Jake we have seen some amazing results in just a month. Will highly recommend Good Dog Workshop for anyone that needs help with their dog!

    —Monica A, Falls Church VA, November 2020, Angie’s List review

Brian was right on with his assessment of the current challenges I’m having and provided me with a few things I need to work on with my dog prior to working with a trainer. I’ve been frustrated for a while trying to find the solution and felt a weight lift off my shoulders after my call with Brian.
    —Aimee T, Fredericksburg VA, November 2020, Angie’s List review

I have lots of compliments for this business in various 'categories.' First, there were a few factors that really sold my husband and I on this service vs. the others we were considering: a) their philosophy is very nature-based and rooted entirely in effective communication -- they don't teach you to "punish" your dog or to obtain obedience through unnatural or conditional means; b) instead of boarding your dog and training them for an extended period of time in a controlled environment away from you, they teach *you,* as dog parents, how to be effective parents, which ultimately yields the best possible behavior from the dog. Moreover, the owner was very responsive (I got a call back within 24 hours of requesting a consult) and friendly, taking the time to chat through my concerns. I was also really happy that they didn't even pause for a moment when we mentioned that our dog is a Pit mix -- they work with all breeds. Our trainer, Marina, was excellent and catered the entire session specifically to our unique needs and concerns. She used the time well and paced the training at a reasonable, helpful rate and assured us that we could reach out again in the future as needed. Despite having been pet parents before, neither my husband nor I have ever raised a puppy (ours was just shy of 3 months old when we went to Good Dog Workshop) and felt we *really* benefited from this training.
    —Elisa D, Washington DC, October 2020, Google review


Good Dog Workshop is incredible! Brian spent 30 minutes on the phone with me answering all of my questions and explaining the way my dog thinks. I already feel more informed just after a phone call, so I am very much looking forward to the in person training that is offered. As someone who found Good Dog Workshop because of their great reviews, I can confirm that they live up to their high rating!
    —Adriana, Washington DC, October 2020, Google review

Brian Kerchner was fantastic... her spent a ton of time helping me with a really scared foster pup. He really knows his stuff and was so generous with his time giving me advice of how to help this abused dog. Thanks for your kind heart!
    —Maria M, Amston CT, October 2020, Google review

Marina was incredibly helpful with our puppy. We got an older puppy who had been neglected with no training. She worked with him and he is now housebroken, walks on a leash, and sits while his food is being prepared. Training an older puppy with ingrained bad habits is much more difficult than a new one. Her insights and training methods really sped up the training process. Well worth the money spent.
    —Mark W, Warrenton VA, October 2020, Google review

My experience was great. I am a new puppy owner of a very tiny and anxious pup. Brian Kerchner was sooo helpful. He gave me great advice and reassurance that we are doing okay. All my questions were answered in one phone call. Very appreciative of the advice!!
    —Lauren A, Arlington VA, October 2020, Google review

Brian with Good Dog Workshop LLC is a class-act. Extremely knowledgeable and willing to lend a helping hand to a new dog parent in need, Brian spoke with us on the phone for 30 minutes, prior to formally scheduling a session! He has a natural energy and excitement for training - and gave us thoughtful insight on his years of experience with our stubborn Shiba Inu pup. Give them a call, you will not be disappointed.
    —Joseph V, Warrenton VA, October 2020, Google review

I’m so glad I found Good Dog Workshop. I talked to so many trainers before and they didn’t seem like the right fit, only focusing on basic commands. But with Brian and Marina, they taught us to “speak dog” and to truly understand what our dog is thinking. Marina worked with our 3 month old Frenchie for 2 hours and we saw results immediately. He was a complete nightmare on walks but the following day we were finally able to walk around our neighborhood for 30 mins! Im glad they’re only a text or phone call away if we have any further questions! Highly recommend, 10/10.
    —Cassie N, Fairfax VA, October 2020, Google review

Our trainer, Marina, did a fantastic job. She has my enthusiastic recommendation.
    —Dave P, Alexandria VA, October 2020, review

Brian was excellent with our dog! He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions! He knows what he is doing and was helpful with us to learn our dogs behaviors.
    —Bryce T, Warrenton VA, October 2020, Google review

Brian and Marina truly care about building a successful relationship with you and your dog(s) and BETWEEN you and your dog(s). There has been an instant shift in our dogs’ behavior since Marina came to train us. She taught us how to communicate with our dogs, not spend 2 hours a day practicing command compliance with treats, so this training fits right into all of the care you are ALREADY providing for your dogs (if you are already adequately exercising them), without adding more demands on your time. I have some specific issues that I need to overcome related to fear and past experiences, so I will be spending extra time with Marina but it’s definitely possible that GDW can meet all your needs and solve your problems in one session. ONE session!!! They’re that good.
    —Julie R, Warrenton VA, October 2020, Google review

We have a sweet, affectionate, and strong-willed GSP. While I adore our dog who is great 95% of the time, I also want to maintain the use of my arms! Our 16-month old GSP is ready to *charge* in to the world with no sense of stranger danger (or of cars) and just loves meeting other dogs and people. I really needed a solution if I was to enjoy walks again. Brian matched us with Marina - perfect! She walked with us - observed and coached the whole time. I realized before I called that I needed to change as much as our pup did. Marina reassured me that we have done a lot of things right with our GSP - which was a relief! I had been feeling as if I was failing our pup on a daily basis. On our walk, Marina told me how to communicate in effective ways with our pup. She also explained his body language and what that means in Dog World. Things that I thought were "good" turned out to be more of a ploy - hind legs ready to spring does not mean, "Yes, Mom - I am listening and will not pull on the leash anymore." I've recommended GDW and Marina to our neighbors and I will to you, Reader, as well. You will learn so much!
    —Erin G, Reston VA, October 2020, Yelp review

Marina worked with my blue tick coonhound Maggie for 2 hours and Maggie is a completely different dog! I highly recommend!
    —Andrew H, Hamilton VA, October 2020, Facebook review

Marina was amazing to work with and so incredibly knowledgeable about dog behavior and body language. She spent two hours working with us and our two dogs around a lot of other dogs and people and helped us understand how to communicate with them effectively in high distraction situations. We're excited to keep working with our good dogs and it's comforting to know she is just a text or call away if we need more help.
    —Erin K, Falls Church VA, October 2020, Google review

Brian changed my entire experience with my dogs in literally one hour. This is no exaggeration. Walking my two dogs had become a nightmare after my second fur baby’s (Sawyer the Beagle) arrival last year. At home Louis (chihuahua) and Sawyer typically did really well. However, I dreaded taking them on walks because my once over-friendly Louis became territorial and protective while Sawyer’s began reacting to every dog within his vicinity. Most days, it would take me up to 20 minutes to walk them a block without some incident. I could sense my anxiety rising every time I took them out for a walk. Well, this has all changed since our session with Brian. Brian gave me the right tools to demonstrate my leadership role which my dogs desperately needed. Over the last week, I have been able to walk my dogs 3 times a day for a mile without an incident. I don’t know what else to say except that Brian is the best and because of him I get to enjoy more quality time with my dogs outdoors. For your dog’s emotional health and happiness, choose Brian and the Good Dog Workshop.
    —Sevinç Y, Arlington VA, October 2020, Google review

Brian contacted me after i requested a quote on He has been nothing but kind, helpful, detailed, and reliable. After just one phone call i’ve seen a slight difference in my dogs behavior in a DAY. He is amazing and has great expertise. I would recommend him to everyone!
    —Lindy F, Spokane WA, September 2020, Google review

After some convincing from my boyfriend, I agreed to have Marina come visit and provide some guidance with my Newfoundland. It was the best thing we could have done! Marina was amazing! She came to the house and was direct, confident, provided more structure and answered all our questions and concerns with out hesitation or guesswork. I had attempted to train my Newfoundland, Bruce, in the early stages of his life because I knew the size he could be and how I could loose control quickly. We were able to get the basics down fairly easily but there were concerns later that a training class at Petco just wasn't really addressing. Bruce is approaching his 2nd birthday and Marina showed us more in depth of what Bruce was seeking from us, that we can teach and he can learn/obey/accept these new commands, how to obtain and hold the dominant role within our pack and how we can all live in a happy home with less worries. We are excited to continue using the tools she has provided us and take Bruce on more walks
    —Brittney H, Front Royal VA, September 2020, Google review

We had such a great session with Josh. We knew from the start any trainer that came our way from Good Dog would be completely reliable. Josh was very patient and transparent through the entire training, and we could instantly see progress with our pup. It’s now up to us to keep it consistent but we would 10/10 recommend them to anyone looking for a dog trainer as they specialize in everything.
    —Gina J, Alexandria VA, September 2020, review

Very prompt response to my online inquiry. I spoke with Brian who gave me some solid advice about our new senior rescue who is barking a lot. His understanding of dogs and how they communicate was apparent and he offered solid advice. I'm thankful to have connected with him.

    —Helga L., Rockville MD, September 2020, Google review

I just want to thank you for your time on our call last week. I wanted to follow-up with you to let you know how much your tips have changed our dog's behavior - she's made a complete U-turn and it's been a game-changer for our family! We haven't moved forward with bringing in a trainer yet because we've seen such a big shift. We made a couple of simple changes - one is to focus on the "down" command and incorporating that into everything and another is to keep her on a much shorter leash to prevent letting her "lead" us on walks. We also have added more walks into our day so we're up to about 2 miles or more each day. Those things alone have had an immediate impact on the quality of life for our whole family, including Holly. She seems like a much happier dog! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and to provide perspective on what it takes to be a good dog owner and leader and to share tips on that call. I can't thank you enough!
    —Shelly C, Aldie VA, September 2020, email review

Our experience with the Good Dog Workshop team was just excellent. Brian was very helpful on our first phone call and set us up with an in-home session with Josh. Josh spent about two hours with us and he was terrific to work with. We have already seen a big improvement in our dog's behavior after the one session with Josh. He spent time working directly with our dog, coaching us on how to implement the techniques on our own, and even brought two dogs with him so we could put our dog in an environment with distractions to see how she would react. Brian then called us later that night to check in on how things went and to talk options for future assistance and support. All in all, we had a great experience with the Good Dog team and can't recommend them highly enough!
    —Chip C, Arlington VA, September 2020, review

We are working with Marina. She is excellent!
    —Ellen R, Alexandria VA, September 2020, review

We were fortunate enough to know Marina through her prior employment  at our Vet. Recently, we have a found ourselves  the lucky parents of a rescued dog. While sweet, our new little girl needed formal training. We could not be more pleased with the results. Marina and GDW took the dog for few days in order to observe her behavior, and instill proper discipline. During that time,we were kept up to speed and provided both pictures and videos documenting her progress. This included her walking with other dogs, playing at at the dog park and calmly waiting for her food. Upon completion, we were given detailed instructions and feedback that will enable to ensure we maintain her good status. If you need to get your dog trained, do yourself a favor and skip the big box store cookie cutter class and check out GDW!
    —Carmen D, Nokesville VA, September 2020, Yelp review

I inquired with Good Dog Workshop about a phone consultation and was responded to within an hour. Brian was able to do a phone consultation right away and it was so incredibly helpful. I was having behavior issues with my dog for an issue that I couldn't find good advice for anywhere. I explained the issue to Brian and he had really great advice that I hadn't even considered before but made so much sense—mostly relating to how a dog would naturally learn and respond to an alpha dog. I had been practicing some advice I saw on youtube videos with little success, and Brian was able to tell me exactly why it wasn't working, and how to tweak it to make it effective. I learned more in the one hour consultation than I learned in probably 100+ hours of self research, I wish I called months ago! I also want to add that it was well worth the price: I was learning with every minute of the call, no time wasted! I've been practicing his advice this afternoon and I've already noticed my dog responding really really well! I definitely definitely recommend!
    —Dana G., Washington DC, August 2020, Google review

Marina is a good dog trainer, but a GREAT people trainer. The reason you only need one session isn't because she'll train your dog in that amount of time, but because it only takes that long for her to communicate the basic theories you need to continue training yourself. Marina was able to give us just a few key principals and show us how to apply them to pretty much any situation. Plus Sailor is pretty much the best dog ever. 10/10 would recommend anyone with a dog book a session.
    —Emilie S., Washington DC, August 2020, Google review

Marina was very helpful in explaining why our dog Hazel barks so much. She was patient with all of us, and Hazel has been barking less when we are at home.
    —Toby A., Sterling VA, August 2020, Google review

My partner and I sought out Good Dog Workshop’s assistance to help us with behavioral issues with our German Shepherd Dog puppy. Our puppy had been showing signs of aggression toward strangers and we had spoken with numerous trainers in the DC metro area, all with somewhat conflicting advice. Brian and Josh quickly identified that the issue was not aggression, but lack of leadership from us which was leaving him anxious and unsure of himself. They taught us how to show leadership to him in a humane way, read the signs our dog was giving us, and better communicate with him. It’s clear that they are experts in dog behavior and how to identify and proactively address issues. Brian and Josh’s kindness and expertise put our minds at ease. Our dog wasn’t defective or dangerous by nature—he just needed clearer and firmer communication from the two of us. We still have our work cut out for us, but thanks to Good Dog Workshop we now have the tools needed to get the job done. When you meet with Brian and his team you can be assured they won’t give you a sales pitch or try to have you sign up for training you don’t need. They help—quickly—and are there to call back in as needed. Thanks guys- you have our sincere appreciation and admiration.
    —Greg K., Washington DC, July 2020, Google review

I highly recommend working with Good Dog Workshop. I have been looking for trainer for a few weeks and have not had much luck for a number of reasons. I have two really young puppies that I adopted from a rescue and obviously have questions about training and concerns about behavior that I need guidance on. Brian at Good Dog reached out to me after I filled out a survey on and I felt so relieved after our initial phone conversation. He understood my concerns and answered a lot of my questions. Most importantly, Brian made me feel validated for having those concerns, comfortable being able to share them, and gave guidance that felt appropriate for the age of my puppies. I can't thank Good Dog Workshop enough!
    —Jose A., Bethesda MD, July 2020, review

I found Good Dog Workshop via their podcasts. While I've only worked with Brian once via phone, it was a very enlightening and helpful discussion. I learned more in an hour with him than I did in a 6-hour training course I'd taken previously. Brian asks lots of questions and gives very specific and actionable advice. The one-on-one attention was also immeasurably more practical than working in a class setting. His guidance has made a difference with my dog. I would not hesitate to call him again.
    —Chris B, Alexandria VA, July 2020, Yelp review

Good Dog Workshop was recommended to me after my Great Dane lunges at a neighbor. Brian was extremely helpful and generous with his time over the phone. The Great Dane has improved a great deal. Brian was able to pinpoint the issue and give me exercises to work on with him. I have recommended Good Dog Workshop to another neighbor already!
    —Tricia E., Fairfax VA, July 2020, Yelp review


Super responsive, well-priced, and helpful. We will be contacting Brian again should we have any questions about what he told us. Highly, highly recommend!!

     —Wei M., New York NY, June 2020, review

I had an hour phone consult with Brian to help me better understand my new cattle dog puppy. It's been one of the best use of my time ever. I was able to get personalized answers to my questions. I learned more about typical dog behaviors and how to react to them. No amount of YouTube videos will equate to a phone consult with Good Dog Workshop!

     —Philippe D., Kirkland WA, June 2020, review


    I can not recommend Brian and Good Dog Workshop enough! What initially impressed me was the time and thoroughness he spent before I "officially" became a client. When I first was in touch with Brian, I was deciding between two dogs to adopt the following day. He spent the better part of an hour listening to me talk through both dogs and offered great advice and perspective.
     During this consultation call he also asked very thorough questions to overall understand what my concerns were and where I may want to focus our time together once I adopted a dog. This was a very different experience than I received with a few other trainers who quite frankly asked very little about the dog and were just focused on booking an appointment. Additionally, keep in mind this was all time spent talking to me before I'd even committed to a session together. I think this really speaks to the fact that he cares about both people and dogs tremendously and he's willing to invest in the relationship with the owner to ensure success later on.
     This investment in our relationship has only continued. He checked in after my first night with the newly adopted dog and after we had our session with Brian he continued to both make himself available when I had questions and to proactively check in and see how things were going. It's so relieving to have someone like Brian available as a resource to make sure I'm continuing to do right by my dog.
     As for the session itself, it also was hugely beneficial. I was initially a bit skeptical when he says most people only need one session but after spending time together I now understand why. He ultimately teaches us how to read our dog, the other dogs we may encounter, and more importantly how to communicate with dogs. He's very observant and picks up on things (both in the humans and the dogs) that I had overlooked and then has the ability to translate the dog's perspective into understandable human terms. Once he does this a few times you start to really understand and are then able to shift your approach and perspective about the relationship with your dog. These tools can then be applied to any situation in the future.
     Lastly, I really enjoyed the evaluation he performs. As new dog owner I was a bit anxious to understand how my dog interacted with other dogs and if there were any concerning behaviors or aggressive tendencies. Having Brian there to test her around his dogs was such a relief and really put my mind at ease during this crucial evaluation. We ended our session going to the dog park together (another thing I had been apprehensive about) but it turns out after some education on my end and with Brian there to coach me it's not such a scary thing and I now feel much more confident in my ability to read the people and dogs at the dog park to ensure I'm not putting myself and my dog in an unwanted situation. Overall I am so grateful to have found Brian and If I could give more than five stars I would!
    —Liz K., Alexandria VA, June 2020, Yelp review


I worked in home with Marina with training my dog on her dog aggression, pulling on the lead, and running out the door. So far I have seen an immense change in her behavior even after just one visit. Every penny I spent I’d do it all over again my dog is changed for the better thank you so much!

    —Melanie S., Warrenton VA, June 2020, review

Met my needs the same day I requested help. Empathetic with my concerns and my dog’s personality. Helped me understand how to learn to speak dog more fluently. Would definitely use Good Dog Workshop again!

    —Joy L., Fairfax VA, June 2020, review

Brian called back quickly and sounded so knowledgeable that I hired him without speaking to other trainers for comparison. I am so glad I did as we were trying to introduce our 4 cats to a new 4.5 month old rescue puppy because we had concerns. The trainer, Marina was fantastic! She helped us do the cat intros & a whole lot more. She was also extremely knowledgeable so we learned a lot of great moves with our new puppy, including an intro to her own dogs for socialization & most importantly now have our new puppy co existing with our 4 cats. Look no further & go with Good Dog Workshop!

    —Brie C., Germantown MD, June 2020, review

Marina is an amazing trainer. Max was very fond of her. He learned a lot within a short period of time!. Thanks 😊

    —Rashed H., Fairfax VA, June 2020, Google review

We are in California so we were a bit skeptical about getting help over the phone. Turns out it was just what we needed! After our first phone consultation with Brian we understood what we need to do with our two female German Shepherds so they will get along and we don't have to find a new home for one of them. Brian is VERY knowledgeable and empathetic. THANK YOU, BRIAN!
    —Janet R., Fair Oaks CA, June 2020, Google review

Good Dog Workshop was very thorough in their explanations of why my dog behaves a certain way and listened carefully when I asked questions or expressed concerns. They approach dogs with a natural way of training that suited my dog and kept him comfortable with them. I will definitely keep in touch with them and consult for any future concerns.
    —Antara B., Dunn Loring, June 2020, Google review


Marina came today and worked with me on some behavior issues with my new dog. She was AMAZING! Her guidance and instructions were easy to understand and follow. I love that she brought her dogs so that I could see if Charlie would be good to take to the dog park. I was amazed at the changes in Charlie after just a short training time. I learned a lot, and will be paying more attention to what Charlie is trying to tell me. I will be practicing what she taught me! After our session I felt much better about my dog, and my ability. Highly recommend, and if I have problems in the future, I would definitely contact Good Dog Workshop--although I am confident I won't need to unless I need to ask a question. Very effective training methods!
    —Carol K., Winchester VA, June 2020, review

I worked with Brian at Good Dog Workshop over the phone. It was clear he had a lot of experience and was able to answer every question I had. He was able to help me understand my dogs body language and how to better communicate with her in order to work through her fears and anxieties. After just one day following his advice I have seen a difference in how my dog responds to me. I will gladly use him again for any future questions I have.
    —Tyler W., Lubbock TX, June 2020, review

Brian is not only good with dogs, but also people! My new dog made 3/4 people in my house nervous, and Brian didn't just addressed Tigger's "scary" qualities... but addressed the fears that were associated with her. He showed us a successful dog introduction and taught us how read our dogs to ensure our own success with Tigger after he leaves us! Two and a half hours with Brian changed the lives of 4 people and one wonderful dog :)  Thank you Brian!!!!
    —Samantha B., Leesburg VA, May 2020, Google review


We have now had Brian work with two of our dogs and could not be any happier with the results. He is a master dog trainer and will work with your family to really help everyone understand their relationship with the dog and how they can affect positive change. The impact is huge and my entire family is using his methods to communicate with and live with our two wonderful dogs.
    —Patrick C., Sterling VA, May 2020, Google review

We were referred to Marina with Good Dog Workshop by our vet. Our rescue, Dixie Mae, was having some behavioral issues, which is why we reached out for help. Marina was hands on showing us, and then teaching us how to work with Dixie. She gave us the needed tools in order to work with Dixie and have seen a huge improvement in her behavior! 100% would recommend Marina and her team!
    —Heather G., Amissville VA, May 2020, Yelp review

I recently adopted a 3-year-old German Shepherd who was dog reactive, territorial and had separation anxiety. Rex is a beautiful dog with a sweet disposition, but these issues were a problem and I needed help fast. Brian and his assistant, Marina, came to my home, which was fantastic! Brian was able to explain to me why Rex was behaving this way and what Rex needed from me to become a happy, well-balanced dog. He completely changed my perspective about dog training. After only one 3-hour session, I could immediately see a difference in my dog and in myself. They left me with the tools I needed to continue to work with Rex and we are having great success! Brian even checked in with me a few days later to see how things were going. I can't say enough good things about Good Dog Workshop!
    —Marie F., Warrenton VA, May 2020, Yelp review


I contacted Brian on 5/9/2020 and he was at my house on 5/10/2020. We had an incident with our dog and a neighbor and I was frightened that our rescue could escalate and felt we needed help fast. I've always been a fan of Cesar Milan and to see Brian work the same way in front of me was astonishing. When he came into our house, I was fearful that Wilson would jump and try to hurt Brian. Instead, Brian's approach was calm and within approximately 10 minutes our dog was interacting lovingly with Brian. He answered all our questions and showed us new ways of playing with our dog on our terms instead of the dog grabbing at our hands. WOW! I just came home from the grocery store and used what I learned and our dog let go of his toy which never happened before! I know we have homework to do to keep our dog balanced and happy and I am so glad I reached out and received the help WE needed. I emphasize WE because both my husband and I need to learn how to speak "dog" even though we have owned dogs before. So, an old dog (me) can learn even though we have had rescue dogs in the past. I highly recommend Brian to anyone who needs help with their dog. You will be as impressed as we are with how fast your dog will be well behaved. Brian also called the next morning to check in and I was super impressed with his level of commitment and desire to truly help. I love that quality of dedication and professionalism.

    —Deirdre J., Sterling VA, May 11, 2020, Yelp review

I reached out to Brian with some concerns I was having with my senior dogs recent behavior. After one phone call, he made me feel confident in myself and my dog again and really made some eye opening points. I appreciate that phone call more than he could know! I will continue to turn to Brian for help with current or future behavior issues. Thanks so much, Brian!

    —Chelsea M., Catlett VA, March 13, 2020, Yelp review

Brian was extremely helpful and offered great insights and advice. We saw immediate results. We appreciated that he would come to our house, and his own dogs also were a great asset as we worked to determine exactly how our dog would react to various situations. Brian also was willing to work with our schedule.

    —Lauren L., Warrenton VA, March 2, 2020, Angie's List review

Brian totally helped us understand what it truly means to command a dog's obedience, respect, and attention. The one lesson we had blew us away because within a short hour and a half, we had all of our questions answered, and discovered things that we didn't know was important. The one lesson we had with him completely changed our perspective on what it is to own a dog, and we would highly recommend to anyone looking for an obedience coach. Would give Good Dog Workshop six stars if I could!!
    —Chris G., Fairfax VA, Google review, February 2020

Great day working with Brian, his assistant trainer and his pack of pups. Learned so much today and cannot wait to put it to use. Even saw some changes immediately.
    —Terry, K., Warrenton VA, Google review, February 2020


Brian is a consummate professional. He taught us how to effectively communicate with our young German Shepherd to subdue his aggression and be a more respectful member of our household. His skills and level of respect are just a wonder. I thought our situation was on the verge of hopeless but we simply lacked the knowledge and skill to handle the situation. He has been very responsive in follow up as well.
    —Diana H., Haymarket VA, February 2020, Google review


Brian immediately came in and worked wonders with our dog, Millie. We highly recommend him if you need some training for your dog. We will be a return customer with other dogs in the future for sure!

    —Stephen B., Remington VA, January 20, 2020, Yelp review

Brian came recommended by another dog trainer who thought we could benefit from someone who dealt specifically in behavioral issues. So far we have only spoken by phone and his expertise has been quite valuable. It's obvious he really knows what he is talking about. He assessed our situation and we have come up with a plan moving forward. We can't wait to meet him in person to continue socializing our girl.

    —Gretchen D., Reston VA, January 20, 2020, Yelp review

Brian came, he saw, he conquered. 😊 Seriously though, we have two large dogs with very different personalities and issues and he helped us tackle both in one visit. We definitely have a good base to start working with now and are looking forward to having a more peaceful household in the future.  Thank you Brian!
    —Christine R., October 2019, Google review

Brian was amazing! Simple as that; came into our home and immediately our dogs understood him. His technique and coaching was perfect, very good at explaining and teaching us, as the humans, what we needed to do, then letting us practice. Would highly recommend him to anyone with an anxious dog, nervous dog, high energy, any issue that you can think of.
    —Melvin G., November 2019, Google review

We have worked with Brian and his Good Dog Workshop for our last 2 dogs.
Each dogs personality was so different and Brian knew what each dog needed from Debbie and myself.  We learned the 1st time around that dog training is really about teaching us how to properly lead our dog.
We just happened upon Brian yesterday outside the Vint Hill Dog Park yesterday and unsolicited, he took some time with us and Elsa (our Shepherd/Collie mix) to reaffirm previous teachings and also teach us some new things as well.
We are already seeing positive results from our time yesterday.
    —Michael W., November 2019, Google review


Brian is very friendly and knowledgeable. He spent a couple of hours with us to teach us how we could help our newly-adopted rescue dog deal with her anxiety. The results were nothing short of amazing!
We have been using the techniques that he shared with us and our dog is much more comfortable in situations that used to freak her out. He really understands dogs and what it takes to help them become comfortable. He has even followed up via email and phone to see how our dog is doing. We can't recommend him enough.

    —Tim L., Warrenton VA, YNovember 5, 2019, elp review

I can't say enough good things about our experience with Good Dog Workshop. We were having some trouble with our 3 y/o adopted pit mix (he came to us untrained) and our goal was to have him better trained in time for visiting family for the holidays. We called Brian and within a week we had our in-home training with him. He showed us how to understand and communicate with our dog. And it was really beneficial for our first dog who is 7 y/o who participated. We could use the training on both of them. It's been 2 days and we've been putting in the time and the boys are already responding and doing so well on walks. It's really incredible and we have nothing but faith they're going to excel as we keep up the work.
    —Kelly S., November 2019, Google & Yelp review

Brian knows dog psychology! My 6 yr old Puggle mix is very energetic and hyper. Although we run and walk with her regularly, she is never tired. Our dog has occasional leash aggression towards other dogs and gets very upset when we leave so Brian helped us understand our dog better in order to correct her behavior and make her feel confident we are coming back. Within a matter of hours, our dog excelled and we are more confident she will be the fun loving dog we know she is, and make new friends with other dogs
    —Karen L., October 2019, Google & Yelp review

Brian, We want to thank you for the time you spent with us and our dog, Roman. We continue to use the tools you taught us and he is responding to our direction. We will try to introduce him to Cooper (my brother's English Lab) in the near future. We highly recommend your workshop and appreciate your knowledge and expertise.
    —Sheila S., Spotsylvania VA, October 2019, Google review

He was phenomenal in training my young and high energy dog as well as giving us the tools to succeed and continue his training after the visit. He is available whenever for a phone call or email which makes life 100 times easier. Highly recommend Brian over any other service.
    —Nick F., October 2019, Google review

Good Dog Workshop is the most informative and supportive team! They are full of positive energy and will work with you and your dog. If you are not sure how to assert strong, firm leadership for your anxious/newly adopted shelter dog/or any dog in need of some obedience training, please contact Good Dog Workshop. It is incredible what you can learn in one day. My dog is happier already and is responding well to my energy, body language, and cues! (Still in progress... I don't want to get too cocky.)
The kind of training Good Dog Workshop offers is NECESSARY in order to be a responsible, healthy owner. Walks around your neighborhood will be much more pleasant! Highly recommend!
    —Christine C., October 2019, Google review

I have not yet hired Brian, but I am going to next week. I just adopted a Jack Russell X who has a "biting" issue which I do not understand. I called Brian about our situation, our concern regarding whether this was an issue of training or inherent behavior that cannot be corrected. With everything he communicated to me, I am confident that with his expertise, we are going to get the correct answer and resolve this issue.
The reason I am posting this review prior to engaging him formally is because of the amount of time he spent on the phone with me talking through our concerns. Many minutes invested by him to help us, even before we hired him. Truly professional!

    —Sandra B., Amissville VA, Yelp review, October 1, 2019

They were so compassionate, patient, attentive and helpful while I explained my situation with my 8 mos old (very large) puppy, and my boyfriend, who were somewhat at odds with each other. They immediately listened to my initial concerns voiced over the phone, and did not try to rush me or get me in for a paid consultation first, etc. He just listened for as long as I needed to talk. Though I could have purchased in-home training sessions from them, they actually advised it may not be helpful as my issue was primarily based on the relationship I had with each; the boyfriend and my puppy. This honest and frank insight was eye-opening for me. There are still good people out there who still have work ethic and human compassion. Thanks guys - you really helped me get more clarity on the real issue at hand! No doubt, this organization knows animals (and humans)!

    —Amy W., University Park MD, Yelp review, August 20, 2019

What a difference a day makes!
Thank you Brian for teaching us how to better communicate with our dogs, using language they understand. We are already noticing a difference after just one day.  I can't wait to see how good it can be!

    —Christine R., Bristow VA, Yelp review, August 13, 2019

I did a workshop with Brian last weekend.  It was so much fun and was so interesting watching Brian work with these dogs and change behavior right in front of us.  I learned a lot and my girl, Nala, did too!  Thanks, Brian!

    —Kathleen P., Leesburg VA, Yelp review, May 23, 2019


Brian is an absolute pro when it comes to dog training. He is a true dog whisperer! We reached out to Brian when our rescue puppy started displaying some concerning behaviors, and Brian armed us with the tools (and confidence) to correctly and safely discipline our pup. He is as focused on training the owners to be responsible and fair as he is teaching the dogs proper manners and etiquette. I would highly recommend!

    —Allie K., Vienna VA, Yelp review, April 2, 2019

I can’t recommend Brian and Josh enough. They are so knowledgeable, friendly, fun and inspiring! They have changed my family in a way that I will be forever grateful.
    —Brandie B., February 2019, Google review

What a wonderful experience watching a warrior with the dogs! Brian and Josh are so knowledgeable about the behavior of dogs
They let the warrior interact with many of them until he narrowed it down to the one his family all liked.  Amazing to watch !
    —Barbara M., Google review 2019

They were so compassionate, patient, attentive and helpful while I explained my situation with my 8 mos old (very large) puppy, and my boyfriend, who were somewhat at odds with each other. They immediately listened to my initial concerns voiced over the phone, and did not try to rush me or get me in for a paid consultation first, etc. He just listened for as long as I needed to talk. Though I could have purchased in-home training sessions from them, they actually advised it may not be helpful as my issue was primarily based on the relationship I had with each; the boyfriend and my puppy. This honest and frank insight was eye-opening for me. There are still good people out there who still have work ethic and human compassion. Thanks guys - you really helped me get more clarity on the real issue at hand! No doubt, this organization knows animals (and humans)!
    —Amy W., Google review 2019

Brian was so calm and professional. In one session he made us feel comfortable working with our puppy (who just needs some manners) and our older anxious dog (who needs a lot of attention and training). Somehow he worked with my fiancé and I and both dogs while giving everyone the attention and instruction they needed. Highly recommend!
    —Kirbie L., Google review 2019

I own and have been operating a very successful boarding and training facility as well as an all breed dog rescue since 1996. I have been looking for skilled trainers to recommend as I have found that there is a huge demand for knowledgeable trainers who understand dog behavior and are capable of actually helping the client improve their dogs behavior rather than just being told what the issues are. I am so happy and impressed after witnessing Brian Kerchner from Good Dog Workshop in action! He has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to share it with his clients in a very clear, easy to understand way. He works with the people as well as the dog and gives them the tools and skills to continue working on their own. He comes across with a calm confidence and quickly connects with the dogs he works with. It is easy to see that he truly cares about his clients and their dogs and wants to see them succeed. I highly recommend Brian and am thrilled to know a trainer of this caliber!
    —Carla N., Country Club Kennels, Google review 2019

Thank you Brian for helping me understand my boys better. Not only am I happier, my dogs are happier! My whole house hold is happier after just one visit. I highly recommend Brian. His knowledge seems endless and his advice is very understandable and practical. Definitely give him a call!
    —Sarah H., Warrenton VA, Google review 2019

I have a 4 year old Lab/Chow that I took to Brian so that my dog could socialize with other dogs. I was very impressed with Brian because he was so knowledgeable about the behavior of dogs. He would explain to me certain behaviors that I never noticed before. I was happy to see my dog be so comfortable with other dogs by slowly being introduced to them. My dog even wanted to get inside Brian's truck with his other dogs by the end of it. I highly recommend Brian, he was very helpful and knowledgeable.
    —Rene R., Google review 2019

Brian is an awesome trainer. In almost 2 and half hours he took the time to explain us the case with our dog, teach us how to correct some behaviors, but most importantly how as human we have to provide the appropriate leadership, discipline and affection. For our first time we saw our dog off leash with other dogs, chasing the ball and being social.
We have homework to do, but Brian was a great support and teacher.
We will be calling him in the future to introduce our dog into dog parks.
I will definitely recommend him, without having to spend a fortune in training, he will come to your home and provide you personalized feedback.
Thank you Brian. You brought hope to us.
    —Paula A., Aldie VA, Google review 2019

Brian was fantastic! Our dog has been having uncontrollable barking fits due to excitement when meeting a person or dog. In just a couple hours working with Brian, our dog was able to approach dogs and people without barking. Such a relief!
    —Beth N., Google review 2019

My family and I recently adopted a 1 year old Jack/Beagle mix that was known for resource guarding. Having a young daughter in the house (7 yrd old) the resource guarding and some other aggression factors worried us. Brian was referred to us from another trainer that did great, but was not comfortable working with the resource guarding like Brian could.
We have had two consults with Brian and have been amazed at the experience so far. Brian's understanding of the dog behavior is amazing but what is even more exceptional is ability to transfer his knowledge and understanding to us. Brian was very prompt and professional with every consult. We will plan to use him in the future as needed and may family would 100% recommend him and his services!
    —Chris D., Ashburn VA, Google review 2019

Our trusted vet in Warrenton connected us with Brian. One phone call told us we had the right resource to polish up our puppy training skills after 15 years of adult dog experiences in our home.
Brian had our 11-week old puppy tuned in and enjoying his lessons within minutes of meeting him. His understanding of the pack mentality, and the discipline any healthy dog craves, set us on the course to a wonderful relationship that is positive and rewarding for our household, and any dogs that enter the youngster's life.
Brian visited our home with three four-legged tutors, each with their own unique personality and hence each offered different lessons to the pup. It was fascinating to watch and then instantly be able to put the knowledge to work helping the puppy socialize as he grows.
Don't search any further. If you have found the Good Dog Workshop, you are in the best hands and your dog is on its way to being a good pack member.

    —Michael T., Warrenton VA, Yelp review, January 26, 2019


I have a 4 year old Lab/Chow that I took to Brian so that my dog could socialize with other dogs. I was very impressed with Brian because he was so knowledgeable about the behavior of dogs. He would explain to me certain behaviors that I never noticed before. I was happy to see my dog be so comfortable with other dogs by slowly being introduced to them. My dog even wanted to get inside Brian's truck with his other dogs by the end of it. I highly recommend Brian, he was very helpful and knowledgeable.
    —Rene R., Manassas VA, Yelp review, December 12, 2019

We actually tried two behaviorists for my dog. One of them, and the winner by far, was Good Dog Workshop and we were blown away. Brian really helped us get to the root of the issues by working hands on with both of my dogs and taught me how some things I was doing could create confusion with my dog in terms of leadership. We took my dogs out on a walk and he gave me great tips and pointers to help me with walking them and keeping them under control. Lastly he taught me how to introduce new dogs to mine and to learn how to catch & correct bad behavior before it happens. He brought 3 of his own dogs out and led me in the exercises to introduce our packs. (And we were outside in the snow doing this for over an hour and a half!) He did not skimp on the exercises and gave very detailed answers/info in his teachings. Even in the inclement weather, Brian spent a total of 3 hours with me for our initial consultation. I was very grateful for the extra time and his dedication to helping us. I HIGHLY recommend his business and am so glad we found him. I feel so empowered now and confident with my newfound knowledge and tools -which will help me be a better pack leader.
Unfortunately the other company we tried first (I won’t mention their name here), was not as thorough or knowledgeable and to me was a complete waste of money ($$$). I received a brief assessment “report” with some suggestions to try, such as calming pheromone collars, and to not feed them together (which actually isn’t an issue). I was left with xeroxed copies of common dog behavior and that was it. The whole thing was *maybe* an hour and the worst service I’ve ever paid for. Neither my dogs or I got any actual assistance from this meeting, which led me to find a more hands on and through behaviorist that could demonstrate their claim of helping pet owners actually resolve bad behavior issues.
The worst part I think of the unnamed company who again was definitely NOT helpful to me, was that she told me my dog’s bad behavior (aggression towards dogs) was most likely genetic and just her personality, and that she would probably be a dog who could not be around other dogs!!!! How disheartening and utterly WRONG! Her claims were proven false by Good Dog Workshop when my pup not only met 3 new dogs, but went on walks with them side by side with no issues!

Do yourself a favor if you are having dog behavioral issues —  contact Good Dog Workshop. His dedication and professionalism are top notch.
      —Carnie M., Google review 2018


Brian helped us learn how to get a better handle on our adopted dog's reactivity. Our time working with him was super helpful, and he is way more affordable than any other trainers I had looked into. Highly recommend!

      —Jennifer P., Fairfax VA, Yelp review, November 29, 2018

We have used Brian's service when we adopted a shelter puppy who has separation anxiety. Despite being in Warrenton, Brian drove to Fairfax to help us. He is super observant picking up on things that we didn't see as a problem but realizing it months later - my dog's possessiveness of his bones and food. Brian definitely helped with the separation anxiety and even a year later when the dog relapsed to his anxiety, Brian took the time to give me a call and provided his advice on the situation. We definitely recommend him!
    —Ace B., Fairfax VA, August 22, 2018

We just adopted a rescue who was most likely abandoned at some point, so she has a lot separation anxiety. Brian did a great job reading not just the dog but also our behavior with the dog and helped us identify small things we do that reinforces her anxiety (ex make a big fuss of leaving or returning home). He was very knowledgeable and empathetic. His philosophy is that a calm submissive and respectful dog makes a happy dog and a happy environment.  We picked up a few tips and behaviors we need to model to calm her anxiety and reinforce a stable environment.  He also brought three of his dogs over to evaluate how our dog responds when being introduced to other dogs. That was very helpful as we want our dog to be socialized and get along very well with other dogs. Overall I would definitely recommend him and would use him again.
    —Alex F., Leesburg VA, May 20, 2018

We worked with Brian Kerchner, owner of Good Dog Workshop, for some additional training with our cattle dog who was becoming less and less well behaved in our home and community - excessive barking, barking at other dogs, lunging on the lease, etc. Brian exceeded our expectations and we saw immediate improvement in some of the unwanted behaviors. Before coming to our home for a two-hour session, Brian spent about 30 to 45 minutes on the phone gathering background information, listening to our problems, etc. and then followed up with another phone call about a week after our session. Both my husband and I were well aware our dog's behaviors started with us and Brian gave us each helpful and very different feedback (but, we both needed to be strong pack leaders). Brian explained that our dog's behavior was due to his uncertainty about his place in the pack and, in absence of strong leaders, was filling in what he thought were the appropriate gaps. Brian showed us how to react and correct unwanted behaviors both inside and while out walking. We also had the opportunity to interact with Brian's three dogs - working on in house greetings, as well as how to handle and introduce dogs while out on a walk. Brian felt that our dog picked up everything fairly quickly and that we wouldn't need another session; however, he noted he was always available for questions and followed up several times since. I cannot say enough good things about Brian and his approach. He clearly understands dogs and our dog's reaction to him was almost immediate. Having gone through several obedience classes (our obedience trainer actually recommended Brian), I really wish we would have learned then what Brian taught us here.

    —Lauren T., Ashburn VA, April 16, 2018

My husband and I are so pleased with the help we received Good Dog Workshop! I was pointed in his direction by a friend who volunteers at the shelter we adopted our dog Baloo from. She said Brian is the best, and I couldn't agree more!
After the initial phone consultation, we were surprised to hear that we likely would only need one session of training, considering we believed Baloo's reactivity/"aggression" issues to be more severe than a single afternoon could solve. However, by the end of our nearly 3-hr long session with Brian, we felt very confident that we had all the tools we needed to continue Baloo's training on our own.
Brian explained to us that Baloo is not actually aggressive, but merely confused about his place in the household and in need of structure. He emphasized that we needed to exercise Baloo more and be strong leaders for him. My husband and I learned so much from Brian's practical advice, demonstrations, and thorough answers to our many questions. He even brought along his own dogs to help us implement the techniques we had learned! This was a big plus in our eyes.
Brian was extremely responsive and professional from the very beginning. He even called a few days later to check in and see how we're all doing. Our relationship with our Baloo is improving slowly but surely, and we've even had successful introductions to new people and dogs! We are extremely happy with Good Dog Workshop and would not hesitate to recommend this training service to others.
    —Rebekah H., Ashburn VA, January 19, 2018

My husband and I are so pleased with the help we received Good Dog Workshop! I was pointed in his direction by a friend who volunteers at the shelter we adopted our dog Baloo from. She said Brian is the best, and I couldn't agree more!
After the initial phone consultation, we were surprised to hear that we likely would only need one session of training, considering we believed Baloo's reactivity/"aggression" issues to be more severe than a single afternoon could solve. However, by the end of our nearly 3-hr long session with Brian (in our own home and neighborhood!), we felt very confident that we had all the tools we needed to continue Baloo's training on our own.
Brian explained to us that Baloo is not actually aggressive, but merely confused about his place in the household and in need of structure. He emphasized that we needed to exercise Baloo more and be strong leaders for him. My husband and I learned so much from Brian's practical advice, demonstrations, and thorough answers to our many questions. He even brought along his own dogs to help us implement the techniques we had learned! This was a big plus in our eyes.
Brian was extremely responsive and professional from the very beginning. He even called a few days later to check in and see how we're all doing. Our relationship with our Baloo is improving slowly but surely, and we've even had successful introductions to new people and dogs! We are extremely happy with Good Dog Workshop and would not hesitate to recommend this training service to others.
      —Rebekah E., Google review 2018

There is not enough praise that I can give for Brian! I read every review on Angieslist, Yelp and various internet sites.  BELIEVE the reviews....Brian knows what he is doing! I believe one of the Angieslist review stated that their Vet recommended Good Dog Workshop!!
So, we decided to take our lovely and high-energy 1 year old Goldendoodle (Bella) to the Good Dog Workshop training.  Brian offers training both in the owner's home and at his facility; we opted to take a lovely ride to Warrenton because one area of focus was to minimize Bella's anxiety with car rides. We also wanted Brian to train Bella (and the owners) on how walk properly utilizing a leash because Bella leads and pulls the leash. Also, we wanted Bell to learn how to socialize better because she wants to play with every dog and jump and kiss every human she sees!!
Immediately upon arrival, Brian met us at the car to start his introduction to Bella prior to her jumping out of the vehicle. I don't understand it, maybe he is a dog whisperer, but he was able to calm Bella. Over the next two hours, Brian, made us clearly understand that we (the humans) were NOT doing our part by being the pack leader. IT WAS A HARD ADJUSTMENT for me especially during the first 20 - 30 minutes.  So, do yourself a favor and just listen to what Brian tells you to do!
I really could not be more pleased. We learned so much in the training, starting with the leash itself. We were using the WRONG type of leash for initial training. We ended up purchasing one of Brian's "slip not" leash. Bella responded to it immediately. While Bella is not quite over her car anxiety,we made great progress and we have the teaching tools to get her to anxiety free!  As a matter of fact, on the car ride home she was not as anxious and appeared to be a bit more relaxed (not completely relaxed but much improved.)  She walks so much better on a leash and off leash she was near Brian and I during the walk. When Bella strayed slightly, we did a command and she focused on us and she came!  
Simply an AMAZING day!!
We now have to continue to train but I feel so confident that we can do this because of Brian!
Also, he recommended that we stop by Carousel Ice Cream to get both the humans and the pup a cup of ice cream! Note:  the pup cup was free!! WHAT A GREAT DAY!! Thank you so much Brian!
For the reader: You should definitely use Good Dog Workshop training!
      —Teresa B. Manassas VA, June 25, 2016

​​“The phone consultation, evaluation and training session all went exceptionally well. I sent Brian and email on Sunday. He called first thing Monday morning and we chatted for 40 minutes, so that he could better understand the challenges with my dog. I drove down to his 18 acre training facility Warrenton. He greeted upon arrival and didn't waste any time.  He connected with us and our dog immediately. He observed and then provided feedback on areas for improvement. In our case, he taught us how to establish ourselves as the pack leader by not allowing our dog to do whatever he pleased, even with something as simple as jumping out of the car as soon as the door opened. He introduced his family of dogs (different sizes  and temperament) one at a time to teach our dog proper dog etiquette when meeting other dogs. Brian demonstrates everything he explains. At the end of the training session, he provided us with a packet with additional information on training. The training session was educational, hands on, interactive, fun, and jammed packed with valuable information. After a week of following Brian’s instructions and techniques, for the first time in many months, I was able to take my dog out for a nice, pleasant long walk. Shopping at a pet store is also much more enjoyable. The transformation has been remarkable. I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend Good Dog Workshop to anyone who doesn’t want to wait until their dog is elderly before they can enjoy time with them.”
      —Sabrina T., Ashburn VA, April 20, 2015 (Angie’s List review)

“Brian came to our house and evaluated our two dogs. He taught us what we needed to do to help us help them become more balanced and calm. After an initial phone consultation Brian came out to our house a few days later on a snowy day to work with us and our two dogs. Our little terrier had started biting visitors to our house and our lab mix was barking and lunging like crazy when he saw other dogs. Brian observed our terrier in action and advised us that she was actually fearful but making bad decisions (biting) when she didn't know what to do and wasn't getting the leadership she needed. Brian showed us how to make corrections and provide the leadership she needs to be more stable, outlining the importance of exercise to drain the dogs' energy and how to set boundaries. Brian worked with our lab mix outside, using his calm dog to observe how our dog reacted to another dog. Turns out, our dog is just sooo excited to see another dog and frustrated that he can't that he goes crazy. Our dog eventually calmed down enough to walk with and meet the other dog and he did great. With both dogs, we still have a lot of work to do and there have been setbacks but after almost two weeks I see overall progress. Brian followed-up his visit with an extensive email summarizing what we need to do with the dogs and why, as well as phone call a week afterward to see how we were doing. He took half an hour to chat with me to answer questions and provide suggestions, for no charge. I really appreciated his professionalism and responsiveness.”
      —Tracey H., Vienna VA, March 5, 2015 (Angie’s List review)

“Brian helped me learn how to properly walk my dog on a leash and how to be a strong pack leader. Brian basically broke down in detail how & why dogs behave in certain ways. He is the reason why I kept my dog. Brian is the reason why I have a great relationship with my dog.”
      —Sergio P., Merrifield VA, February 1, 2015 (Angie’s List review)

“Brian was great. He came out to the house and worked with our two pups. We trained for 2 hours on everything from jumping up to walking on the leash. Brian was patient and explained things clearly. I liked his approach and how he explained dog mentality. He even had collars and leads that I could buy so I didn't have to go to the store.”
      —Koren B., Ashburn VA, January 31, 2015 (Angie’s List review)

“Great. Came in and immediately went to work. Brought peace to our home. Great work & fair price. Would have paid double for the results.
      —Fred B., Warrenton VA, January 9, 2015 (Angie’s List review)

“Thanks again to Brian. He came to my house today with Red and Rosie and worked with Nala, my 3 ? month old Cane Corso. This was our second time working with Brian and once again he was a great teacher to myself and my family.”
      —Sergio P., Merrifield VA, December 11, 2014 (Facebook post)
“Brian and Josh have worked with KC since he was 10 weeks old. They are amazing trainers, I always receive compliments how well behaved KC is. If you follow the training/advise that Good Dog Workshop LLC provides, I promise you will have great results. I will NEVER use another trainer!!! Thanks again for everything!”
      —Nancy C., Haymarket VA, December 11, 2014 (Facebook post)

“We recently brought ourselves and our two year old Akita to Brian at Good Dog Workshop. To preface, my fiance and I are serious dog owners which means we are serious about training and being in tune with our dog. First, let's talk about Brian. He is an outstanding individual that is able connect well with a multitude of personalities. He is extremely knowledgeable and more importantly, honest about the extent of his knowledge and experience. Most impressive, is how he tailors his communication so we could understand and actually apply his theories. Brian is a true professional. This is the fourth trainer we have seen in the past year and half (we rescued her at 8 months old). The difference between Good Dog Workshop and other trainers is that they don't try to mask the dog's symptoms with treats, they dissect EVERY aspect of the dog's behavior to cure the root problem. Honestly, I thought we were at a dog shrink and our pup was laying on a couch telling Doctor Brian about her dreams and childhood while reaching her paw back to grab another tissue. But really, their approach to training is much more holistic. Certain bad behaviors are typically just a byproduct of an underlying problem. Once we identified the root issue, Brian didn't just tell us how to strengthen our shortcomings, he showed us new techniques and proved to us they work. Post training - After our visit with Good Dog Workshop, Brian typed up detailed notes, reminders and instructions. I am full of questions and ideas, and [Brian] never left a call or email unanswered. It truly is amazing when you can be in tune with your dog and the pack mentality. In a sense, it is primal and almost basic. However, it takes practice, consistency and patience to fully know your dog.”
      —Scott C., Sterling VA, December 7, 2014

“We brought both of our dogs (female German Shepherd and male English Foxhound) to the Good Dog Workshop in Warrenton. We are very pleased with the result. Both dogs are rescues and both have some issues. The German Shepherd is very high strung, barks at visitors to our home, and barks at other dogs during walks. The foxhound is good-natured but pulls on the leash during walks. We spent about two hours with Brian and his dogs,  and the results were excellent. Both dogs are doing better already and by the end of our visit, our difficult German Shepherd was happily running and playing off leash with the other dogs. We know now that she can do well with dogs other than our foxhound and we are using other advice to control some of the other problem behaviors.”
      —William R., Alexandria VA, November 11, 2014 (Angie’s List review)

“The two hour session exceeded my expectation. From our first introductory phone conversation to the session itself, Brian, the Owner, gave me guidance and reassurance on my interaction with the pack. I learned how to take control, lead, herd and correct, all with the understanding that it's not what you say, but the confidence you exude that will encourage better behavior. There's so much to learn about man's best friend and a session with Good Dog Workshop will help you become a better dog parent. Good Dog Workshop is owned by a passionate, well-informed and devoted dog lover. If you want a better dog, teach yourself to be a better dog parent and take a session with Good Dog Workshop.”
      —Lynn W., Haymarket VA, November 4, 2014 (Angie’s List review)
“Brian, the owner of Good Dog Workshop, came out to my house to meet with me, my wife and my mother-in-law, to try to help us with behavioral issues that we were having with our standard poodle puppy. All I can say is WOW! As soon as Brian entered the house and began to interact with our puppy, it was like she was a completely different dog. She was calm and submissive, and while we worked with Brian, she did not demonstrate any of the behaviors that were causing concern. Brian worked with each of us individually, and based on our personalities, showed us the best way to interact with our puppy. He also brought out [several] members of his "pack", and it was interesting to observe how my dog interacted with Brian's dogs and their different personalities. The two hours we spent with Brian completely changed our view on how to best deal with our "rambunctious" puppy. I would definitely recommend Brian's services to any one who is having problems dealing with a dog that has behavioral issues.”
      —Alfred C., Chantilly VA, October 26, 2014 (Angie’s List review)

“Brian came to our house for an evaluation. It lasted 2 hours. During that time, he assessed our dogs' personalities and our situation. He then explained the importance of exercise, what it meant to have the strong leader energy, and how to communicate that to the dogs. He also taught my wife and me a new way to correct our dachshund, who gets aggressive towards men, by introducing a different collar for him. We then went on a walk with that dog. He showed me how to correct the dog on a walk and how to introduce him to other dogs. Brian even brought two of his dogs with him on the walk. The last thing he did was bring one of his dogs into our house to see if our dogs would handle that well, and they did! It went really well! My wife and I felt a lot more confident about being the alpha in our home. We also felt a lot more hopeful that our Dachshund's behavioral issues will resolve over time now that we know a more effective way to correct him and to be his leader. Brian explained very well, providing examples of previous jobs or of his own dogs. We felt he was very easy to talk to and open up to. About a week later, Brian called to follow up with us. He made it clear that we can give him a call anytime if we have any other questions or concerns, which we will definitely do if the need arises.”
      —Adam D., Sterling VA, May 1, 2014 (Angie’s List review)

“Good morning Brian, I wanted to let you know that the session with Josh yesterday was great and even exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at the results we received in an hour and a half. Truly remarkable! From the moment he arrived we had a new relationship with our dog that seemed to be beneficial for all of us. Remy seems more relaxed than ever which in turn made his owners relaxed. Now we understand how to utilize the calm assertive energy I have read about. Josh was really great at interpreting Remy's body language and showing us what to look for when correcting him. My wife was really nervous at times but Josh really made her feel comfortable and she was able to follow through with the training scenarios. She has definitely elevated her status in our pack and seems really proud of that accomplishment. There is still work to be done, but for now I believe we have the skill set to make it happen. Thanks to you and Josh for helping us out!”
      —Mike M., Arlington VA, April 28, 2014

“Josh, Thanks again for your assistance today to help correct many of Gordi's bad behaviors. We will do our best to instill better control over her and how she interacts with each environment she is exposed to. With your guidance we noticed a vast improvement, and now it is our job to repeat it daily. Thanks again!”
      —Nathan T., Ashburn VA, February 22, 2014

“We want to thank you very much for all your help. Caroline is doing much better. She is a quick leaner and we keep working at it every day. Take care”
      —Sherry S., Ashburn VA, February 18, 2014

“Hi Brian. Thank you so much for coming here to help us. You were absolutely amazing the way you got results immediately. It does show there's more dynamics going on than just the GSD. I will keep you posted and just want you to know that you have given me so much hope. Thanks again.”
      —Sally S., Clifton VA, November 19, 2013

“Brian showed me how to work with and understand my min-pin/terrier puppies. He is thoroughly trained, professional and keenly in tune with dog and people behavior. Words cannot accurately relay the incredible experience I had, the mountains of information given, hands on practice, and invaluable insight to my behavior as it affects my dogs. Brian is patient, communicates clearly what he is teaching and allowed me to practice the techniques on the spot. He has a his own teaching pack that is invaluable in the process of assessing my dog's reactions to different situations. The "classroom" is his spacious farm with plenty of land, horses and just enough distraction to enhance the training while not putting the dogs in danger of being hit by cars. Once the training was done, Brian sent me a detailed email reiterating the training lessons, tips specific to my dog's quirks, and "homework" to build on the experience. He encourages continued  communication to keep the success going. PLEASE take advantage of Brian's skill and give your dog(s) a chance to have a wonderful, secure, safe life with its "pack"- you and your family. I was blown away by the experience and will definitely go back to Brian when I my dogs and I are ready to go to the next level of training.”
      —Diane S., Herndon VA, November 8, 2013 (Angie’s List review)

“Brian didn't skip a beat to start our session and get to know us and our dogs. After listening to us and watching our dogs, he began to introduce our dogs to his pack. His dogs each had their own unique personality, but were all so well behaved that it put our dogs at ease. We worked through different scenarios that our dogs have trouble with (e.g., meeting new dogs on a walk) and each time I was surprised at how responsive they were to Brian's instruction. He quickly was able to identify some issues that we needed to work on and there were things that neither my husband nor I would have ever thought about. Brian gave us great, practical things to work on with our dogs and gave us reassurance that with some adjustments, we can have the pack we want. I think it was well worth the time and money. I really do believe we'll be able to make the needed adjustments to see our dogs become more relaxed and trusting of us as their pack leaders. It's amazing how much of our own behavior dogs pick up on and we don't even realize! My husband and I really learned a lot and saw changes in our dogs even during the first visit. Our lab even fell in with Brian's pack! I honestly couldn't have asked for anything more during this session. Brian was friendly, professional and CLEARLY knows and loves dogs.”
      —Deirdre F., Burke VA, September 8, 2013 (Angie’s List review)

“Brian, Thank you so much for yesterday! Rob and I really learned alot and you were awesome with Jax :-) I walked him this morning and there is already such a huge difference! He was next to me the whole time and sat at every crossing without words :-) Thank you so much!”
      —Christina A., Arlington VA, August 18, 2013

“Hi, Brian! I just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on Gunnar and Heidi. We moved to Southern Pines, North Carolina. It's hard to believe, but we found a place with even less of a backyard than we had in Gainesville :). I think it has been a blessing for the dogs, though. The area here is incredibly dog friendly, and dog smart. There are plenty of people with dogs off leash, but people really seem to know how to handle their dogs and are in good control. We walk two to three times a day. We shoot for a total of walking time between 1 to 1.5 hours a day. The dogs are tired and have the chance to be exposed to much more than they were exposed to back home. Heidi is much less chewy than she used to be, and she has very few nervous accidents. Gunnar barks a LOT less and is getting better with both dogs and people. At least twice a week, people stop in their cars to tell us how well behaved our dogs are. It is so refreshing. I just wanted to give you an update and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. You have really helped our dogs to be more comfortable, us to feel like we are better owners, and all of us to enjoy each other more deeply. You are amazing!”
      —Sarah Z., Gainesville VA, April 28, 2013

“Thank you for the follow up email. We wanted to also let you know that we have implemented much of what you taught us in our session and we have already seen a stark difference in Brody's behavior!  He has become a much calmer dog, almost overnight!  We will continue with the progress. Thanks”
      —Dany G., Herndon VA, April 18, 2013

“Brian, Thanks so much for today. You and Josh's presence made a huge difference! Thanks”
      —Melany H., Oakton VA, April 9, 2013

“Brian: Thanks for calling to check in on the dogs. As you know, my #1 goal was to enable the dogs to get along while we're all at the beach. Mission accomplished. They're running around the house and the beach having a good time -- thus, so are we. Thanks again for your help.
      —Richard M., Oakton VA, March 28, 2013

“Brian, I must say thank you so much for the instruction yesterday. It appears we not only picked a great dog, but also an excellent trainer for "our pack." We will read through your directions and do our best to follow them exactly. All in all I would like to say one more time that I feel you have really given us the tools needed for many years of joy. Thanks again”
      —Mike W., Bristow VA, March 27, 2013

“Hi Brian, Thanks for today - you handled the tense situation with the black dog perfectly. It could have been very bad and you probably saved that dog by being there.”
      —Kristen A., Fairfax County Animal Shelter, March 7, 2013

“Brian--Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your notes are so thorough!! I have been working a lot with both Gunnar and Heidi, and the change is remarkable. The house is much calmer. The barking at the window is almost completely gone. I would say once a night the dogs bark. (They used to bark EVERY time someone walked in front of the house.) I have even noticed that Gunnar approaches the window and then decides to turn around. The dogs are moving toward sitting and being calm every time I "interrupt" them. They do still begin to be anxious occasionally, but there is a marked improvement.  Both Gunnar and Heidi are adapting well to the walk. They both walk immediately next to me (separately, not together yet). Gunnar has only barked once on our walks. He barked once at a dog that I had not noticed (in the dark). I corrected him and we went about our business. I am so excited for the progress. Have a great weekend.”
      —Sarah Z., Gainesville VA, February 21, 2013

“Thank you so much for coming out to our house.  Just in the one day we saw a drastic improvement in Storm.  I took her out for another walk around 2pm and wow what a pleasant walk. The walk was the same as we did, but I added going down the street in the middle I told you about and back home-she did the hesitation thing I told you about and I just did Level 1 and she stopped hesitating.  I plan on buying a seat brace or whatever they call it so I can drive to other areas around us for a change of scenery.  I had to do Level 3-Contact after you left she was going after Stella I tried Level 1 no go I did level 2 and that is when she tried  to nip me – so Level 3 was done and Storm looked at me like no you too-because you had done it before me.  She does “Down” well now and she will give us one of her paws. The Level 1 is really working.  Mark and I both said we were so glad we did this. I cannot wait to use that leash for Stella when kids come over to stop the jumping and nipping she does. Just this morning Storm tried stealing Lucy’s bone-I stood up Storm looked at me and walked away :O)  Thank you again!!
      —Lisa R., Amissville VA, January 28, 2013

“Hi Brian, Monty is a great walker, in and around cars! The resource guarding with people is not a problem for at least 2 months. He will occasionally get something in his mouth that is not acceptable and we can take it out of his mouth without a problem.
He did well staying with a friend who has 2 dogs when we went away for a weekend. He was very vocal with my sister's dog regarding his space under the table when people snacks were out over Christmas.  This may be a weak point for Monty. Normally, they act like best friends. We don't really have another dog around regularly to work him out of it at this point and I really just want one dog for us. He has made great progress and we are very glad he is in our lives. Thanks so much, Brian and Happy New Year.
      —Joan R., Fairfax VA, January 2, 2013

“Brian, Thank you so much for a great session. Your knowledge and instruction is just what we needed to help our family get on the same page in terms of leadership for Ginger. It was reassuring to hear from you that Ginger is already making good progress. We will continue to work diligently with Ginger as a family. I am looking forward to scheduling our next session to work on socializing Ginger with other dogs. On our afternoon walk on Saturday we saw her buddy Woody and she was so happy. The two played together beautifully and when I called her to come to me she listened. It was amazing to have control of her even when she was excited. Seriously a month ago that would never have happened. I really appreciate the notes. Always nice to have a written reminder of what we should be focusing on with Ginger. Look forward to touching base soon.
     —Karen H., Arlington VA, December 17, 2012

“Thank you, Brian, for the meeting and the notes. Both are so helpful and give me hope and confidence that we will have a balanced and peaceful pack and home. Your work with Mark is really paying off. He has been a super teammate which has the effect of reducing my stress level, allowing me to be a more balanced and authentic leader. We are still having our challenges but they are less frequent, less intense, and more quickly resolved. Thank you again, Brian. You are really helping my family.”
     —Heather P., Middleburg VA, December 11, 2012

“Brian, Wow! You guys are miracle workers! I didn’t tell you when we met that, leading up to our appointment, I feared I would have to return Maddie to the rescue group, because I doubted my ability to be an effective pack leader. I had been dreading Maddie’s and my twice-daily walks because of the way she pulled me and lunged at other dogs. I now love our walks! The first time we went out after our lesson, she tried to go after a squirrel, but I corrected her, immediately and instinctively, and she fell right back in at my side. She has been trotting next to me in heel position with very little correction necessary.  On Sunday afternoon, I took her down to the nature preserve near my house – something I hadn’t dared do before. We met several dogs, who she mostly greeted in a lady-like fashion (for a dog, at least). Where before I was embarrassed by her behavior, I now see other dogs pulling or carrying on, and I’m proud of my little girl. I appreciate your comments and I will do the practice you’ve recommended. Thanks for everything.”
     —Kim M., Sterling VA, October 23, 2012

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how wonderful Ren was with Ares! She seemed to have also had fun with him and engage him in all sorts of activities. He was such a happy dog and we felt very comfortable knowing he was with her over the weekend! Thank you for recommending her and as you anticipated, she's a wonderful addition to your team!”
     —Ioana & Gabriel B., Middleburg VA, October 18, 2012

“Oliver has been really good. I even took him to my softball games the other night. He was AMAZING. I tied him to the bench in the dugout and he sat quietly while I was out in the field and waiting for everyone to come back in. As we all came in, he would sit or stand quietly and politely ask for attention as folks past by. He didn't get overly excited or offer to jump on anyone. He knows not to jump on me but it doesn't always translate to others - we seem to have turned the corner and he's earned the right to go back to more games with me. Everyone was impressed with how good/calm he was.”
     —Amy S., Herndon VA, October 2, 2012

“Thank you Brian for all of your help, you are an amazing trainer and we learned so much! We have been practicing the techniques and we can already see a difference with Shadow. We appreciate you sending this email to remind us on what we need to do to be consistent with the training. Shadow is a great dog and a part of our family, so we are determined to help him overcome the issues. With lots of patience we know it will soon be a pleasant experience for everyone. It was great meeting you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.”
     —Karen T., Woodbridge VA, September 25, 2012

“Thanks Brian for taking such excellent care of Brody!”
     —Christine L., Reston VA, September 1, 2012

“Brian, We were very happy to have you talk to the staff regarding dog behavior. It's refreshing to see them trying your techniques on various dogs in the clinic. They are quite pleased with themselves when they are successful :) Everyone commented on the usefulness of the meeting. Thanks again!!”
     —DeAnna M., Sterling VA, July 31, 2012

“Hi Brian, Today I even noticed Ares walking behind me during our off-leash jog, which he's never done before…he [was] always at least a head ahead if not a few feet. I've also kept him sitting and waiting in several situations I know he's eager to go (i.e., at the door, entering the paddock and even for the horses to sniff him). I also have him wait while I get up and get things so he doesn't follow me as intensely.  Good practice for him! :)  Thank you”
     —Ioana B., Middleburg VA, July 31, 2012

“Hi Brian, Thank you for all the information. It was a pleasure meeting you and your pack yesterday. Thank you for taking so much time to assess Ares and explain things to me. I can already see a difference in many of Ares' behaviors just based on the things you highlighted yesterday. Gabriel was eager to try them out just as you predicted :-)?  Thank you again for everything!”
     —Ioana B., Middleburg VA, July 28, 2012

-----Original Message-----
To: Homeward Trails Foster Parents
Subject: AWESOME trainer!
“Hey everyone!
     My dog Champ and I were attacked by another dog and he just wasn't the same afterwards. I reached out to Cindy to see if she knew anyone who worked with HT and could help me work through my "dog issues". Well let me tell you. Cindy recommended Brian and his company "Good Dog Workshop" and I have been AMAZED. In just two sessions I have seen incredible changes in both of my dogs and in myself. His training philosophies are simple to understand and easy to implement. Who knew that some very simple strategies would make such a HUGE difference?
     I wanted to thank Brian for everything he's done to help me become a better dog owner AND foster, so the best thing I could think of was to get him referrals. If you know of anyone, or you are looking to become the best dog owner you can, please consider using the Good Dog Workshop! I truly cannot explain how easy it has been, how helpful Brian is, and how empowered I feel. All his information is below and he comes HIGHLY recommended!”
     —Adele B., Silver Spring MD, July 23, 2012

“Update on sweet Gracie: I took her to Brian Kerchner today, of "Good Dog Workshop". Brian graciously gave of his time and expertise to analyze her behavior and mannerisms so that we may better understand her unique circumstances and communicate effectively with her considering she is both blind and (mostly) deaf. Brian is by far, one of the most competent and knowledgeable dog behaviorists and trainers in his field. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his guidance, sensitivity and care. If anyone is looking for a trainer or behaviorist, I cannot say enough good things about him and his team.”
     —Joy J., Linden VA, July 14, 2012

“Hi Brian, Things are going great with Red. We are out on longer walks again and I'm much more confident when we encounter another dog. I do want another session if possible so that you could show my daughter and son the techniques. Let me know if you have any evening or Sunday times available in the next couple weeks. Thanks again for the help.”
     —Mary T., Purcellville VA, June 29, 2012

“Hi, Brian! I just left you a voice mail, so I figured I would follow up with an email. Carlos was wonderful. He showed me some very simple, yet important, things that I can do with Bella to help her understand that I'm the leader and she doesn't need to be on the offensive all the time. We have been taking everything Carlos taught us, and putting it to good use. I have already seen big improvements, which i'm sure other people wouldn't notice. I've also figured out I can adjust certain training to fit in with something that makes a bigger impact on her. Thank you again. Hope all is well with you and Good Dog Workshop!”
     —Melanie A., Ashburn VA, June 14, 2012

"Good Morning,
I wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Rio. By all accounts he looked very relaxed at your house and enjoyed his stay. It has been a long search to find a place where we could leave Rio and feel good about it and I am happy to recommend your services."
     —Bonnie N., Haymarket VA, June 6, 2012

“Brian was amazingly informative, took wonderful care of my dogs and helped me learn to be a better dog owner with a better relationship with my dogs, all for the cost of an overnight stay for the weekend. Amazing.”
     —Amber M., Fairfax VA, June 3, 2012

“Good Dog Workshop assisted with training and socializing my dog with other people (the trainer) and other dogs; they also taught my family members and me how to better work with my dog. The training went so well that a few weeks later someone said that they had to tell me what a good dog I have!  My dog is now better socialized, but more importantly, I am able to read his body language much better, control him better, and know how to better introduce other people and dogs to him.”
     —Emily L., Springfield VA, April 4, 2012

“Thanks for all your help! Trixie is doing great and has 100% adjusted to the new baby with no problems."
     —Patrick S., Quantico VA, April 3, 2012

"Dear Brian, I can't thank you enough for your time and expertise. I feel like something magical has happened at home. The house is peaceful and calm. The transformation in Bella is unbelievable. She hasn't mouthed me once since you've been there. She sits and looks at me with respectful expectancy, like she's waiting patiently waiting for me to tell her what to do, instead of her taking charge. And she spent the night in our room, uncrated. She did great! Thank you again. You've made our pack a joy to be with."
     —Lori E., Warrenton VA, April 2, 2012

"Great, Great, Great! My dogs immediately responded to Brian. He was very knowledgeable and was able to help me understand my dogs! He also brought to my attention the things I need to work on in order for my dogs to portray more positive behaviors. Everything clicked for me when Brian told me my dogs are a mirror of myself. I am now able to walk my two dogs and push the baby in the stroller without chaos. Thanks, Brian, for making our lives better!!!"
     —Lauren L., Culpeper VA, January 18, 2012

"Hey Brian, I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH for your patience, your diligence, your eagerness to teach and prepare all of us to do what is best not only for our dogs but for us! My only regret is that I didn't get into this a year ago when I first adopted Peanut (when her only issue seemed to be wetting the carpet, which she still does on occasion). But don't worry, I won't live in the past. Not to give you an inflated ego or anything but "all I ever needed to know about life" I quickly learned from two very competent, patient, perceptive dog trainers today!!! Who would have THUNK it??? Peanut is mentally spent [after today's training]....not only am I "feelin' the love" from her now but I'm seeing some real genuine respect as well. The latter is indeed most important in any relationship. I'm looking forward to the work I have ahead of me and trust Peanut is in the best of care through it all. Thank so much for spending the extra time with Peanut and for enriching the lives of so many beloved dogs!!! You rock!"
      —Becky B., Reston VA, January 15, 2012

 “Thanks for all the help! We really enjoyed working with Mike and Chester is much better behaved now. He walks much better on the leash and his separation anxiety has decreased a lot. We highly recommend Mike and GDW.”
     —Douglas B., Burke VA, November 13, 2011

“We really enjoyed working with Mike. Our puggle, Chester, is much better behaved now. He walks nicely on the leash instead of pulling and he doesn't bark and whine as much when we leave. My husband and I would recommend Good Dog Workshop to anyone!”
     —Alison B., Burke VA, October 13, 2011  
“Dear Brian, Our girls are doing really well. It's amazing what training us has done. We should have done this years ago. Sunday afternoon, our son and future daughter in law came for a visit. We decided to take them for a stroll down Main Street. Notice I said "stroll," which meant we walked slowly. We decided to take the dogs, knowing there was a good chance they would misbehave on our slow walk. They were a bit frustrated, but actually did very well. How well? A woman who passed us walking in the opposite direction actually commented about how well-behaved our dogs were. Really. That's amazing. I wish we would have met you both years ago!”
     —Kathy K., Warrenton VA, October 25, 2011  

 “Good Morning Brian, You are truly amazing. I feel like the Dog Whisperer is in my home when you are here. We all really were mesmerized by your calm leadership skills and little talking while totally communicating in the dog’s language.  Cool. I am very pleased to say that each of us have seen steady progress with both Riley and Andre in the short time since you visited. Both dogs are getting regular exercise and interact more peacefully with each other, feeding time with Andre is now taking 5-8 minutes versus longer as we are waiting for him to ‘give in’ to our authority and then allowing him to eat, both seem to sense our ‘energy’ and respect us more, and I am much more comfortable around Andre. All good. “
     —Lissa L., Warrenton VA, September 12, 2011

“Brian, Olive is doing great. An absolute joy around the house and much better behaved in public."
     —Sean M., Washington DC, August 12, 2011

"Brian, Thank you soo much, you really helped me see how powerful I am and built my confidence level even more. I walked our other dog as well with Bandit, and I am excited to give them the positive energy and leadership they need. I am so grateful to you, thank you."
     —Nancy L., Stafford VA, June 16, 2011

"Wow! That was the most pleasant walk ever!! People keep remarking how well Tucker is behaving. And I'm not tripping over him in the kitchen! Wahoo!"
     —Kathy T., Chantilly VA, April 25, 2011

"Hi Brian, Jocelyn called me right after their session [with Carlos] and was very excited about how much they learned. They thought their biggest problem was the dogs going through the invisible fence which Carlos fixed in about 5 min by adjusting the dogs’ collars. The session inside the house revealed the bigger problem, however. They were impressed by how Carlos calmly and firmly demonstrated the dominance issue. They really appreciated how Carlos handled the whole training session. Jocelyn was worried that they might be considered bad ‘pet parents’ but Carlos was never judgmental or condescending. They felt very comfortable with him and his techniques. They are eagerly putting his recommendations to use. THANKS FOR THIS GREAT SERVICE!"
     —Cindy F., Roanoke VA, March 14, 2011

"Hi Brian, I was so lucky to be on the receiving end of one of my clients' workshops with Carlos today. I am so excited to 'begin again' as I feel like I'm armed with the proper tools that are going to give me more confidence in handling my dogs. I will continue to recommend your company, especially after seeing first hand how helpful it can be.”
     —Kathleen B., Potomac Falls VA, March 3, 2011

"Hi Brian! I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a houseful of family and overnight guests and Daisy took it all in stride! She was amazing! Even the non-dog people commented on what a nice dog she is. She and Troy are best buds now too. He doesn't want to go anywhere without her! She fits right in. You definitely have a gift for matching the right dog with the right family! Thanks again!"
     —Janette U., Rehobeth Beach DE, November 26, 2010

"Brian, It was a pleasure meeting you today and I thoroughly enjoyed the training session. It truly was an incredible amount of information but I do believe I have retained the most important points. Fred and Lucy are both more respectful of me when I enter and leave the house and we just came back from a 40 minute walk which was pleasantly uneventful. Squirrels were jumping out of trees and a deer crossed the road in front of us: one correction to each and we continued down the road. Until your probing, it never occurred to me that [our] previous dogs were better behaved because their lives were more structured due to our living environment at the time—as Oprah would say: my first ‘Aha’ moment. I hope to have more such moments in the next few days. Thanks so much for your time and I can’t wait to have our next session."
     —Andrea S., Marshall VA September 23, 2010

"I've been meaning to tell you that whatever you think you did for Nell, she is very noticeably more interactive and happy with us and with people that come over to our house. It's awesome! She seems more alert but relaxed, like she's finally able to pay attention without being scared of it all. The other day my hair stylist came by and as we were talking by the front door, Nell crept out of the office, all stealthy-like, to come sit in front of me and lean against my shins--this put her within a foot of the other lady and she didn't shake or anything. Thank you so much for taking the extra days to work with her. Whatever you did made a very big difference. :)"
     —Danielle D., Gainesville VA, January 15, 2010

"The training session was excellent...far more was accomplished than I had anticipated. My dog responded well to the trainer's very "in charge" but understanding demeanor. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your prompt and caring manner. Wonderful service!!!
     —Kathy H., Casanova VA, July 23, 2009

"I love to save all his photos! You took great pictures again. They make me laugh when I look at them all just hanging out in the grass. LOL! Fado looks like he's high, he's so happy and his ears couldn't stand up any more! He just loves coming there and hanging out. You guys are the best!!"
     —Barbara S., Burke VA, July 11, 2009

"Brian, [It's like] we have a brand new dog in our house! I don't know what you did to him but he is FANTASTIC!"
     —Barbara S., Burke VA, April 15, 2009

"Thank you for your help today! The dogs are already better during their walks and I am working on the ‘stranger’ thing. Thank you!"
     —Nita G., Manassas VA, June 23, 2009

"Good Dog Workshop is the best for training aggressive dogs. [Brian] has been helping me with my rescue dogs that have many issues and I've received many positive responses from clients, families and volunteers that have worked with him. I recommend them to all my families that are adopting dogs with issues!"
     —Laurie C., Alexandria VA, May 27, 2009

"Scott and I were very impressed with Carlos and his ability to relate to our dogs. His response to the dogs' behavior seems instinctual with him and that is the state we are striving to get to in our relationship with Simon and Mika. Just watching the interaction between Carlos and the dogs when they needed corrections was priceless. You could sense the respect they had for him even after a struggle for control. Mika can be a handful at mealtimes and Carlos has proven to us that the control can be ours if we work at it in other aspects of her life. Eventually she will be the balanced dog that we hope for and getting these tips with Mika will make us better pack leaders for our puppy Simon. In his case, all the work will be done up front so we will avoid any future problems. This workshop should be a requirement for every dog owner. I'm passing along some of your material to K-9 Lifesavers, the rescue organization that we're involved with, and will mention your Workshop to any of the adopters that I work with. Thank you for everything."
     —Lynne S., Alexandria VA, April 18, 2009

"Good morning Brian, Thank you so much for the continuing wonderful pictures of Magic. She looks soooooo happy. Obviously she has adjusted well which speaks volumes for you and Morgan."
     —Pam W., Big Horn WY, April 17, 2009

"Carlos' work with us on Saturday was exceptional. Both dogs are much calmer and submissive. They both look less depressed and anxious. Boss is much quieter, already, when the doorbell rings. Feedings are much calmer and peaceful. We are truly grateful. Many thanks, Brian. This was just the intervention that we needed."
     —David C., Reston VA, April 13, 2009

"We were both extremely impressed with both you and Carlos. We feel as though we've finally found people that can actually help us address the issues we've been struggling with for so long now. The three other trainers we had seen didn't even come close to figuring out our boys the way that you and Carlos did within minutes, and we had multiple sessions with those trainers. We're so grateful to have found you all, and we're confident that with the tools you've shared with us and a lot of hard work, we can get the boys to a happy place so we're all at peace. Thank you (and Carlos!) for all your help--we're extremely excited by the results we see in the boys (and ourselves) and we're looking forward to continuing on this new path."
     —Katie C., Gainesville VA, March 11, 2009

"Thank you again. I greatly appreciate it. You are extremely easy to talk to, have excellent canine knowledge, stay 100% focused and have a very pleasant professional demeanor - definitely a WIN-WIN situation!"
     —Misty Y., Bethesda MD

"Hi Brian, Just wanted to thank you for sending out Carlos on Saturday to treadmill train Cheyenne. It worked! I can't believe it but he actually likes it. When we are done he walks back into the room and gets on the treadmill all by himself. It's quite cute. Thanks again."
     —Lori C., Fairfax VA, February 18, 2009

"Carlos was so helpful. My husband and I got a lot out of our session and could really see some results!"
     —Erin F., Fairfax VA, February 5, 2009

"We were very impressed with how quick Amph took to the training methods."
     —Dave M., Arlington VA, February 3, 2009

"Rescuing our shepherd was the easy part, but trying to read his behavior was a bit more difficult. GDW provided a powerful learning environment for us and our dog in a short amount of time. We acquired the leadership skills needed to free up our dog's anxiety, so that he could settle into his forever home. In this economy...Brian was money well spent!"
     —Barbara S., Burke VA, January 21, 2009

"Hilo stayed with GDW for about 7 days and we had no complaints whatsoever. Hilo came back happy and tired from all his walks and playtime! Hilo loved playing with the other dogs and really needed the behavior and socialization skills that Brian worked on. Thank you so much.”
     —Marianne K., Warrenton VA, January 18, 2009

"I think your services are great, I still can't believe what a difference I see in how Capone behaves. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I actually look forward to walking Capone now, no more pulling. I really appreciate everything you guys did for us :-)"
     —Shannon C., Gainesville VA, November 9, 2008

"Hi Brian,
      Caesar and our [son] Brian are doing VERY well together - thank you for helping us get the pack order straight in our household! It is a beautiful thing to see my 45-pound, 6-year-old son silently instruct our 85lb dog to sit, then lie down and wait before he feeds him, then signal him when it's okay to get up and eat! It's great for my son's confidence level, which in turn helps Caesar to know who is the boss, regardless of their sizes! I can honestly say that they are enjoying each other.
      Your suggestion to take him on brisk, structured walks on a shorter leash every day has worked out very well. Caesar does very well on our walks, not pulling or being unduly distracted by other dogs, etc. Since his heartworm treatment was completed in August, we have started taking him out to soccer games, where there are more distractions, but he's handling that pretty well, too.
     Interestingly enough, since we've implemented your suggestions, we no longer have the problems we had with Caesar chewing and being stressed when he's alone. We still put him in the basement to sleep, but he is very accepting, and lies right down quietly. During the day when we're at school, he's in the house with no problems.
      I've wanted to let you know that we appreciate how you helped us to interact with our dog for a healthier "pack" relationship - you really made a difference! Thank you!"
     —Joyce B., Spotsylvania VA, September 12, 2008

"Carlos was excellent because ours was not an easy case. My husband and I have been at odds about how to discipline the dogs and Carlos made it very clear to both of us that if we aren't on the same page his instruction would be for naught. It was interesting to learn that our dogs are not the problem - which I suspected but it was affirmed! They are doing much better and seem to love the treadmill. Thank you and we still may call for a booster later!"
     —Betsy C., Alexandria VA, September 25, 2008

"Your service was great, and the price even better. I will and have already highly recommended Good Dog Workshop to my friends and clients. My husband and I are very satisfied, even excited about the lessons we learned and the homework we are to apply to our dogs. I have finally learned how to get my dogs on the treadmill. We are very impressed with Carlos."
     —Carmen P., Alexandria VA, September 24, 2008

"Brian was great and we learned a lot from him. We would definitely recommend his services to others."
     —Barbara S., Marshall VA, September 23, 2008

"Brian, We had a great session with Carlos yesterday. We've been using the techniques already last night and this morning with success. And most importantly he showed us how to be confident and assertive so that we can be good leaders."
     —Kira O., Ashburn VA, August 24, 2008

"You were so accommodating and helpful. You went over and above the call of duty seeing to Turk's needs. I appreciate your patience with Frannie, recognizing that she needed more one-on-one attention early on, so that she could play comfortably and safely with the other dogs as time went on-- that's just the kind of supervised socialization she needed. I would feel completely at ease leaving them with you again, though I'm a little afraid they might not want to leave!"
     —Libby S., Washington DC, August 22, 2008

"Hi Brian, I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with your services. We were amazed at the instant results!!!! Carlos is such a cool guy, he helped with all our dogs, not just the one we thought had a problem. He gave us lots of advice, worked on us humans too, I was terrified to go on a walk with 200lbs worth of nutty german shepherds. The following day we went on a walk and for the first time in many months, I actually enjoyed it!!!! As the days pass it only gets better, now we look forward to walk, we do it twice a day even. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
     —Alejandra D., Gaithersburg MD, August 20, 2008

"Hi all at Middleburg Humane, In my last e-mail regarding the great progress Bella has made, I mentioned Good Dog Workshop owned by Brian Kerchner. I highly recommend Brian for any of the foster homes that are working with all of the "Settle" dogs, as well as any of your adopters that need help on the homefront with dog (and people) issues. He will come right to your home and watch you and your dog interact. When he came here to help with Bella, we worked on walking on a leash with the other dogs, as well as fear issues, and going into her crate. Brian is reasonably priced and very generous with his time. He will stick with you until a solution is found, and his positive energy is infectious! Brian is also on the Board for Virginia German Shepherd Rescue and has a real place in his heart for rescued dogs.  I just wanted to pass on his information because his help with Bella has been invaluable to her progress and happiness in our family."
     —Debbie G., Haymarket VA, August 15, 2008


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