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WHY CHOOSE Good Dog Workshop?


We've helped thousands of people resolve their dogs' behavior issues and achieve a natural bond of Trust and Respect with their own dogs.



All of our training sessions are based on promoting proper leadership and communication with dogs. And because every dog, person and situation is different, each of our training sessions is tailored to suit the specific needs of each individual client and dog. We'll show you how to use what works best for YOUR specific situation so you can achieve YOUR specific goals.

While there are plenty of correlations between dog behavior and human behavior, too many trainers unfortunately believe that all human techniques work for dogs. Giving a dog a "Time Out", turning your back on a dog who jumps, using clickers and spray bottles are all human psychology-based techniques that are not natural to dogs, and therefore ineffective. We teach our clients how to 'Speak Dog' — to work with dogs in THEIR language rather than ours. 

We've worked with thousands of dogs and dealt with behavioral issues ranging from simple house manners to anxiety and fear to genuine human- and dog-aggression. We've worked with rescued dogs, breeder dogs, puppies and senior dogs, blind dogs and deaf dogs, and single-dog households and multi-dog households. We all volunteer with rescue groups and animal shelters, and have fostered over 50 dogs in our own homes, integrating them into our household packs and eventually finding them 'Forever Homes'.

​​We're recommended by many veterinarians, breeders and other dog trainers throughout Northern Virginia. Additionally, we have an excellent, 14-year relationship with the Fauquier SPCA in Casanova, VA, where we've provided countless evaluations for newly-arrived dogs from hoarding and "backyard breeder" situations, and where we continue to volunteer our time and expertise whenever needed to help the staff and the dogs they care for.

Compare us to other trainers and behaviorists. Read THEIR online reviews, and then read OURS. Call and speak to THEM, then call and speak to US. We think you'll see and hear a huge difference. You can find our 'A' reviews here on Angie'sList, and our '5-Star' reviews here on Google and Yelp.


And best of all: WE COME TO YOU!

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