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Our mission at Good Dog Workshop is to make a positive difference in the lives of dogs and dog owners, primarily through in-home, one-on-one training sessions, and also by educating animal shelter staff and dog rescue volunteers on responsible dog ownership through instruction on the natural approach to working with dogs.



​​We use natural training methods based on the way dogs instinctively communicate with each other. This  training focuses on practicing calm, confident LEADERSHIP, regular structured EXERCISE, as well as achieving a true understanding of your dog...and yourself. You’ll learn how to strengthen your bond with your dog based on the concepts of mutual trust, respect and understanding. We'll provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to better understand and work with your dog. Essentially, we'll teach you to 'Speak Dog'.


Most unwanted dog behavior stems from the anxiety and frustration your dog feels because his needs aren't being fulfilled. Inadequate exercise, lack of structure and/or discipline, weak leadership, and inconsistent training are the main factors for a dog's unfulfilled needs. Our expert staff will teach you how to best fulfill your dog's needs, thereby giving you a happy, balanced dog and a more harmonious relationship between you and your dog.


So whether your dog is exhibiting anxiety, fear, nervousness, aggression (towards dogs or towards people), resource guarding or other territorial behavior, destructive chewing, obsessive barking, jumping up on people, pulling on-leash, housebreaking challenges, countersurfing, or dog socialization issues, Good Dog Workshop can show you how to fix the problem!

WHY CHOOSE Good Dog Workshop?


We've helped thousands of people resolve their dog behavior issues and achieve a bond of Trust and Respect with their dogs.




We'll teach you how to 'Speak Dog'. Our unique, comprehensive evaluation and hands-on training with you and your dog—IN YOUR HOME—where the issues are occurring. We’ll evaluate your dog’s behavior as well as the relationship between you and your dog to determine the causes of the unwanted behavior and we'll teach you how to resolve it using the natural techniques that dogs already understand. We work rain or shine!


We teach more in TWO HOURS

than other trainers do in TWO WEEKS!

from $150 / hour
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Some dog behavior issues can be addressed through a simple phone consultation. Our in-depth phone conversations provide us a wealth of information about the person and the dog's environment which we utilize to 'read' and understand the situation and then advise our clients on the best steps to take going forward. With this knowledge, our clients can better understand their dogs—and their own status with their dogs, address their dog's unwanted behavior and achieve a better relationship with their dogs.

$45 / half hour

Has your dog bitten a person or another dog? Have you been bitten by a dog, or had your own dog attacked by another dog? Good Dog Workshop's owner Brian Kerchner is a Qualified Expert Witness in Dog Behavior in the Commonwealth of Virginia and can provide Expert Witness testimony for legal cases involving dog behavior resulting in a nip, bite or an attack to a person or another dog. Brian provides dog temperament evaluations, depositions, and courtroom testimony.

from $1800

Whether you're looking for a rescue or purebred dog, a puppy or an adult dog, we have the expertise to find and match the right canine for you. Our thorough process includes: a home & family interview and analysis, our personal in-depth canine research, our expert face-to-face temperament assessment of potential dog candidates, and finally your introduction with the dog(s). We consider each individual dog's temperament, breed, natural tendencies, and energy level to best suit your own personality, needs and lifestyle. The right dog for you is out there—and we can help you find him!

$90 / hour

Good Dog Workshop offers presentation SEMINARS where we discuss  topics such as: the basics of understanding dogs and body language, responsible dog ownership, and the importance of Leadership, Exercise and Socialization.

We also offer hands-on WORKSHOPS where we dive deep into dog behavior and communication, advanced techniques, our relationships with dogs and how we affect our dogs. These workshops are designed for those who wish to have an in-depth, comprehensive working knowledge of dogs.

from $200 / hour

Any training session cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled time will incur a $45 cancellation fee.



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