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We teach more in TWO HOURS than other trainers do in TWO WEEKS!


Learn to 'Speak Dog' with our unique, comprehensive, hands-on BEHAVIOR TRAINING for you and your dog IN YOUR HOME where the issues are occurring. We’ll assess your dog’s behavior, the environment, and the relationship that you have with your dog to determine the causes of the unwanted behavior. We'll address each specific problem and teach you how to resolve your dog's unwanted behavior using the natural communication and techniques which dogs already understand.

Our training sessions typically take place in your home where we address common household issues including but not limited to barking, jumping, counter surfing, resource guarding, leash walking, social skills and aggression. We also offer Outdoor Socialization Training here in Warrenton where we focus primarily on your dog's reactivity to people, other dogs, and cars, as well as leash manners, properly greeting and socializing with other dogs, recall and more.

Just need an EVALUATION of your dog's behavior or his temperament? No problem. Our thorough evaluation process will give you the information you need to decide if a dog is right for you.

​​from $200 / hour

We work rain or shine! Any training session cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled time will incur a $45 cancellation fee.


To learn more about these services and how we can help you with your dog, call us directly at (703) 489-1319.

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