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We work with you AND your dog together.

We don't take your dog away from you where you can't see how your dog is being handled.

We train dogs the way nature does.

We don't use clickers or spray bottles or 'Positive Reinforcement Only' methods.
Dogs don't work that way with other dogs, so why should we humans try to do that with dogs?

We teach you what you need to know in YOUR timeframe.

We don't sell you an expensive 'package' of training sessions that goes on for weeks or months

when you only need ONE or TWO sessions with us.

We learn from DOGS: Our best teachers.

We don't have a list of arbitrary acronyms and titles next to our names given by
self-proclaimed 'experts' or 'certified' dog training organizations.

We include our own well-behaved dogs in our training sessions.

We don't make excuses why our own dogs aren't with us while we're working with you and your dog.

Compare us to other trainers and behaviorists. Read THEIR online reviews, and then read OURS.

Call and speak to THEM, then call and speak to US. We think you'll see and hear a huge difference. You can find our ALL 'A' reviews here on Angie'sList, and our ALL '5-Star' reviews here on Google and Yelp.

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