Have you always wanted to work with dogs? Maybe you already work with dogs, and are interested in learning more about dog behavior, human behavior and the dynamics of human-dog relationships.


​​Our natural, common sense approach to training will give you the real-life experience and skills you need to understand dog behavior and confidently and effectively work with dogs. Through our Train the Trainer program, you'll join our expert trainers on actual training sessions with actual clients.

Compare us to other companies' Train the Trainers programs:

  • PRICE — They charge THOUSANDS of dollars just to get started!! We charge by the hour, so you can learn as much or as little as you like.

  • COMPREHENSIVE — They only teach how to work with dogs. We teach how to work with dogs AND their owners.

  • CUSTOMIZED — Want to learn just one aspect of training dogs? We do that! If you just need to improve your leash-handling skills, we can help you with just that! Do you just want to learn how to work with aggressive dogs? We do that! Do you want to get better at evaluating new dogs? We can show you that! And perhaps most important of all: If you want to learn how to deal with difficult clients? We can teach you that, too!

Our Train the Trainer program is ideal for:

  • dog walkers,

  • dog sitters,

  • kennel managers,

  • dog daycare attendants, and

  • dog trainers.


Call us for pricing and complete details

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To learn more about these concepts and how we can help you with your dog, call us directly at (703) 489-1319.