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  • Brian Kerchner

Bagel the Beagle!

Meet Bagel the Beagle! This very affectionate, 1-2 year-old spayed, female was brought to Fauquier SPCA as a stray. She is being treated for heartworms and has been living with a foster through her treatment. Bagel would be an easy & wonderful addition to any family. Bagel will approach anyone for affection and always likes to be touching someone. She asks for pets by very gently placing her front paws on a person's leg. She gets along great with all dogs and is playful but would not enjoy an overly assertive or dominant dog as a full-time companion.

Bagel enjoys long walks with lots of new smells. She is 95% house trained, but occasionally discovers new things to chew on, such as charging cords and cardboard boxes. She also likes to dig to the bottom of the toy box for the best toys and bones, all of which can later be found in her bed for safe keeping. Bagel is travel sized, and would love to join you on a car ride or a new walk. She is happy to lounge on the couch while her person is working or away from the house, occasionally getting up to add a new toy to her bed. She likes every person and every dog she has ever met, which is why her foster parents think she would be happy in just about any home. If you are looking for the perfect walking and snuggling companion to brighten your day, consider adopting Bagel the Beagle!

Bagle is available for adoption through the Fauquier SPCA. Please contact them at 540-788-9000 or online to fill out an application if you're interested in adopting Bagel.

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